Lunchtime! The Deli re-opens on campus


On 9th November last year, The Deli, located on the spine just south of Alexandra Square closed its doors for the last time in 2018, in order to enact its transformative makeover.  Monday 28th January saw its highly anticipated reopening. Work on The Deli aimed to rejuvenate the eatery, giving it a brand-new modern look and feel as well as new opening hours and a revised menu.

The Deli, that claims to house campus’ best brunch boasts a breakfast menu available from 8am-11.30am as well as a lunch and beyond menu available from 11.30am-9pm.  The breakfast menu ranges from American style pancakes – great for those wanting something sweet before their 9 am lecture – to poached egg and smoked salmon toasted English muffins and French toast. The lunch and beyond menu, alternatively serves various sandwiches, stews and mac ’n’ cheese along with healthy salads for those wanting something greener.  Also available are a range of coffees supplied by Atkinson’s Coffee Roasters, hot chocolate and loose leaf teas that can be enjoyed with an assortment of homemade cakes from the counter.

For students who perhaps lust after something to fulfil their sweet cravings in the afternoon, they will be pleased to hear that The Deli also supply golden waffles and American style pancakes from 2pm-9pm with an impressive array of toppings such as Oreo chocolate and banoffee ice cream.

The Deli’s new motto, ‘Eat Happy’ is something that they wish to uphold by using locally-sourced ingredients which aims to help local businesses thrive while providing students with tasty food that they hope ‘bring a smile to your face’.

Students seem to appreciate the return of The Deli as one student put: ‘I think it’s great that The Deli is reopening, campus definitely needed somewhere different for lunchtime food and the menu looks amazing, I personally can’t wait to visit.’  Another student commented on the reasonable prices, highlighting the mac ’n’ cheese that prices from just £3.25 with a great variety of foods available. The Deli also caters to those on the Freedom scheme, the University’s pre-paid dining scheme.

The Deli adds to an already diverse group of eateries available along the spine although unfortunately is only open Monday-Friday.  Luckily, the campus hosts a number of alternatives such as Pizzetta Republic and the Wibbly Wobbly Burger Bar that do open on weekends.

For future updates, photos and developments, be sure to check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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