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SCAN’s very own Fashion & Beauty Editor, Sian Howells, reviews the best-dressed at this year’s BAFTAs.


credit to @ladygaga via instagram

Stunting in silver, Miss Stefani Germanotto soared at the Grammy’s this year in a glitzy Cèline number. Put together with a matching metallic heel, and keeping accessories to a minimum, Gaga managed to keep a far distance from any potential tackiness this shiny ensemble could have seen. Whilst the dress at the centre of our attention, the ‘A Star Is Born’ winning actress and songstress balanced the startling shimmer with a more subtle and elegant makeup look. Her tussled locks exude complete effortlessness, radiating utter glam coolness. Though the gown itself could have assumed rich-girl-at-prom, the texture and embellished excess of fabric keep it high fashion.


credit to @hermusicofficial via instagram

Killing it in Coach, the H.E.R. singer songwriter dazzles in this knock-out. The fashion house amalgamates exquisite purples and blues, flawlessly complimenting the five-time Grammy nominated artist’s skin tone. Co-ordinated with larger-than-life hoops and reflective sunnies, the 21-year-old drowns us with her wicked sass; drippin’ with an altitude of attitude.


credit to @isaaccolepowell via instagram

Broadway superstar, Isaac Cole Powell astounded in this black and buttoned Thom Browne get-up. Putting a contemporary twist on a top half that appears highly traditional, Powell forms an equilibrium; out-and-out finery with a down-with-the-kids bravura. The cut and shaping of each layer works accordingly to the one before, maintaining professional tailoring without being too intense. Flamboyancy is sourced in the style choice of shorts and Doc Marten-style boots, pushing original qualities progressively. A charismatic take on a prospectively outdated garment.


credit to @mileycyrus via instagram

I love me a good pant suit, and there is nobody better to rock one than Miley Cyrus. This oversized Iabel Mugler two-piece is simple yet effective. The sheer fabrics placed suitably around the waist keep the jacket flattering for the figure, whilst the flaring accent of the trousers add a touch of charisma from an otherwise serious-looking business panache. Beautified with a relaxed Hollywood-glamour curled do, the newly wed star glows like no other.


credit to @rachelweisz48 via instagram

It’s all Gucci with Rachel Weisz in this cloudy fairy tale moment. Puff without too much, this gown accents in all the right places. Though netting-type materials can easily look cheap, Gucci have touched it with a rare irresistibility – making males and females across the nation wanting to borrow this extravagance (whenever the British actress decides to wash her hands of it). Elegance in sync with form, the belted silver works in honour of the ruffles. A picturesque BAFTA-collecting princess.


credit to @leonbridgesofficial via instagram

You are what you wear, and designer Emily Bode completely emulates this in her corduroy invention for American soul singer, Leon Bridges. The throwback sound of the artist works complimentary to Bode’s love of bringing antique fabrics into the modern. The fitted trouser-shirt combo could almost pass as a contemporary substitute for a boiler suit, whereas the mustard-coloured thematic and hat emit a Western vibe. Personally customised to no end, the various drawings lend themselves to Bridges’ home state of Texas and music content. The whimsy and eccentricity oozes ultimate confidence, which is the biggest fashion statement of them all.


credit to @beberexha via instagram

Layer upon layer of tulle red: Monsoori’s vision for Bebe Rexha was Grammy-perfect and brilliantly executed. Whilst the perimeter of the dress appears to reach far and wide, the message behind the gown stretches way beyond. Rexha’s composition delivers a message to all the fashion designers who refused to dress her this awards season, sounding something a little like: “you wish you had dressed my fat a**!”. The contemporary pop princess took to Instagram prior to the ceremony, announcing the rejection of several designers who deemed her as ‘too big’ – despite being a size 12. “So all the people who said I’m thick and can’t wear dresses: F**k you”, she exclaimed, feeling heartbroken at the body-shaming she endured. “I love my body, you know? And I just want other girls to love their bodies”, turning a very deprecatory moment into one full of empowerment. Rexha synonymises every ounce of sex appeal with class, radiating a complete chicness and romance.


credit to @rami._.malek via instagram

Any time I see a male human being in a white tuxedo, my mind flashes back to Tom Hanks as Josh Baskin in the fantasy comedy, ‘Big’ (1988). I instantly cringe at the embarrassment the character poses as a result of his cluelessness; his inability to dress somewhat adequately. So when I do see a male human being who is successful in laying out a white tailored visual, a small imaginary applause is held to cherish the moment. This crispy Louis Vuitton collective hopefully left Rami Malek with a plethora of praise, rather than just that of my personal approval. White contrasted by the black of his shirt and shine of his shoes, the Best Actor-winning Bohemian Rhapsody lead gyrates possible cheese with charm.


credit to @dualipa via instagram

Sailing on a silver stream, 2019 two-time Grammy winner Dua Lipa stupefies in this Atelier Versace corset gown. Following suit from Gaga, Dua kept the jewellery turned down low, allowing the magic of the dress to speak for itself. The wrap around bodice turned train elevates the piece, giving us an alternate sultry and pretty appeal – different to Lipa’s usual street-wear swag.


credit to @mayajama via instagram

Never in my lifetime will there be a moment in which this lacy put-together will fit me in an aesthetically pleasing way. However, I want this dress and I want it NOW. Luxury womenswear label, Aadnevik transcribes every woman’s mesh-lace make-believe, bringing it to life on the gorgeous Maya Jama. Whilst other media platforms have latched onto this look as an excuse to demonstrate just how negatively ‘racy’ and ‘risky’ the Radio and TV presenter ‘is’ – this for me, is not detrimental. Though the barely-there textures do highlight much of Jama’s physicality, I do not see why this is of any controversy to stirring journalists (since anybody with a brain would realise such fabric has been used to create this exact effect). Like my mum has always said: “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”, and Maya certainly has whatever it is.

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