SU have ‘no plans’ to have a Grad Ball this year

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Lancaster University Students’ Union have confirmed that there are ‘no plans’ to hold a Grad Ball this year.

SCAN have obtained an email from a student to the Union, in which the Union confirm that the event has been ‘cancelled until further notice’.

This will be the second time in two years that this event has not gone ahead, following last years cancellation due to disappointing ticket sales.

The student who sent the email told SCAN, ‘”I think it’s awful – why should we have to miss out on one of the biggest parts of the uni experience? We’ve worked just as hard as any other year group, and have been paying higher fees for a couple of years now too, and yet the Students’ Union are refusing to plan a grad ball for us? I want to know why? And how they think that’s fair, given all the money we have spent to be here”.

When approached for a statement, a Union spokesperson said, ‘When the decision was taken to cancel Grad Ball last year, we announced that the event was being suspended for the foreseeable future as it had become clear that the union was unable to deliver the kind of event students want with the resources available to us. That situation remains unchanged, and there are currently no plans to reinstate the event.’

‘We’re sorry for any disappointment this will cause, but we hope you’ll still enjoy a fantastic end to the term at our college Extrav events and the numerous other end-of-year celebrations that will be happening across the university.’

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.


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