Bogdan Angheluță – VP Education

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Bogdan Angheluță is a final year Business Management student, running for VP
Education. He’s been working with academic reps for the past two years and says “I know how to make things so much better and I want to see those changes put into practice and to see things become better and easier for students, and to make everyone aware of the power they have to change things. I’d like to be there to empower the students I suppose.”

When asked about the academic problems that students usually face, Bogdan acknowledged “communication with staff is a big issue in some departments, not so much in others. I’d like to standardise this if possible and come up with guidelines that allow students and staff to engage easily across all departments”. His manifesto is centred around making recorded lectures common practice in all departments. “It would make things so much easier for everybody, they’re good for revision, they’re good for catching up if you miss a lecture, they’re very good for international students and students with learning disabilities”. He also sees variation in the quality and quantity of feedback that different departments give. When asked about staff being resistant to lecture recording, Bogdan said “staff don’t really have that much to lose by recording lectures […] Marketing in the Management School have all of their lectures recorded and the staff are very happy with that. Their students are very engaged with the course”.

Bogdan is also campaigning for the introduction of a University-wide reading week, but there is the potential for students to not use this time wisely. To this point, he responded: “My belief is that students are adults and they’re here at university because they want to be here […] I agree there are some students who will not use this wisely but my hope is that most students will […] The way I imagine this happening would be through a vote or survey, it could be decided when this week would be best suited. Whether that’s at the start of 1st term or an extra week in the winter holiday […] it could be a 31st week added to the academic year”. When asked to name the 4 educational faculties of the University, Bogdan named all 4 of them correctly.

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