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If you’re reading this, you’re probably procrastinating. Oh sorry, you’re taking a break, right? Look, we’ve all been there: lying to ourselves about how much we’re studying, while we are indeed procrastinating. Some days we get to that point where we don’t care anymore and openly hold our hands up and procrastinate all day long. Well, I’m here to take the shame out of procrastination, and share some ways to spend the time you can’t settle to study wisely, and all on a budget.

Write Out Your Thoughts
Disclaimer: You do not have to be a teenage girl to have a diary. Call it a journal, or even just a notebook. State the obvious, if you have to. Always having a notebook on you for odd thoughts that pop up out of nowhere is a really handy way to document things. Instead of separating out your inner ramblings into organised notebooks by subject, use just one and write everything out that comes to you in that moment. And don’t start saying you can’t afford a notebook, you can get funky patterned ones in Wilkos for £1 (thank me later).

Just Get Yourself a Coffee Already
Coffee, or whatever your juice, get it and drink. Trust me, you’ll feel better. It’s likely your brain is in need of a refresh, so hydrate it. It’s pretty simple, but taking a moment out of your study to keep yourself hydrated will have a positive impact in both the short and long run. You could even go for said coffee with a friend, meaning you’re incorporating time for a catch up as well as a pick-me-up, so you’ll be much more positive when you return to your work.

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Gym membership or not, getting some fresh air will do you the world of good. Moving about gets endorphins flowing, and the blood pumping, and once you’ve conquered something like a long walk, or an hour in the gym, you’ll feel accomplished and motivated to get more done. You might as well use your energy for something like exercise when you’re in the mood to procrastinate, and it should help realign your focus.

Remind Yourself of Your Goals
Some days we are in need of a little extra motivation. Getting real about what you want from life can help you motivate yourself to get back to work. If you’re a visual learner you could draw or write out your goals and put them up to remind you of them when you wake up, or alternatively, simply let them pop into your head when you begin to daydream. What you think about, you will attract, and the harder you work towards something you really want, the more likely you are to achieve it.

Make a Plan
We often procrastinate by planning too much, hiding behind the plan as a means of studying. You don’t have to have everything planned to a tee, but a little planning can go a long way. Avoid getting the highlighters out for a plan, just make a simple (and not never-ending!) to-do list, and what you’re going to be working on that day. The longer you spend procrastinating planning, the less time you actually have for studying, so keep it short and simple. When you do feel procrastination coming on, make a plan as this will likely remind you of why you sat down in the library to write your essay in the first place.

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