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What item in your wardrobe do you love the most?

My favourite item has to be my floral wrap-around dress (with a skort) that I picked up last year in Thrift, Manchester. It’s the perfect go to for any sort of smart casual event, night out, or anything fancier. Perfectly versatile and most importantly SO so comfortable. Fashion is important – and the ability to eat as much as you want in whatever you’re wearing and not want to die is just as vital.

credit to Becky Scott

What is the oldest item in your wardrobe?

The oldest item is probably my Levi 500 blue jumper I got in a car boot when I was age 14. I paid a mere £1 for it from an older-looking, indie guy. At that moment, I truly did not know how much I would come to value it in later years. I still wear it regularly, and get complimented on it every time.

credit to Becky Scott

Do you have an item you wear all the time?

I would have to say my overall dungarees. They’re made of an awful, cheap cotton polyester blend and I got them off eBay from China last summer (sorry world). I definitely need to invest in some organic and sustainable alternatives to make up for my fashion sin, but I’ve not quite got around to that yet.

Any fashion faux pas?

Christ, my whole wardrobe has been described as a fashion faux pas on many occasion. I once bought a see-through raincoat from the charity shop on campus in first year, and it just really did not suit me whatsoever. Recently, I invested in some PVC leopard print boots which I envisioned becoming my statement shoes; envisioned being the key word. I also bagged myself a bright yellow ski suit from the charity shop on campus on a whim – I’ve never been skiing, and never intend to, but it looks great and that’s all that matters.

credit to Becky Scott

What have you got your eye on next?

I’m desperate for a pair of Lucy and Yak dungarees, as well as one of their orange boiler suits. However, I’ve got a bit of a ‘can’t stop won’t stop’ attitude at the moment, finding myself over and over again buying anything and everything that is remotely dungaree-related. With this in mind, I think I need to take a step back and assess my shopping habits. Though I am still looking to invest in a pair of Dr. Marten Vegan Blaire Sandals. (Some Fila Disruptors wouldn’t go a miss either).

credit to @lucyandyak via Instagram
credit to @filauk via Instagram
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