What’s In My Wardrobe? – Jonathan Herbert


What item in your wardrobe do you love the most?

My favourite item in my wardrobe is currently a black jumper. The front displays a tiger, hand-stitched with a rose in the centre. I originally bought it to wear at a Katy Perry concert, but it’s become one of my most loved items and I’d wear it every day if I could get away with it; it’s the perfect mix between plain and making a statement.

credit to Jonathan Herbert

What is the oldest item in your wardrobe?

I still own so many XS clothes that I still to fit into from when I used to go shopping at Primark at around age 13. I used to go in, spend about £50, and come home with a whole new wardrobe. Only years later did I actually realise that everything I was buying was horrible, and now I only to go to Primark when I need really plain basic items.

credit to @primark.man via Instagram

Do you have an item you wear all the time?

My most worn item is definitely my pair of black skinny jeans. I wear them pretty much every single day. They’re so versatile, and go well with anything from a casual white t-shirt, to a smarter, fitted shirt to a loud, gaudy jumper.

credit to Jonathan Herbert

Any fashion faux pas?

My biggest fashion mistake probably occurred when I used to wear chinos back when they were a thing in about Year 8. I had them in a variety of colours including yellow, light blue, and red. Looking back they were all horrendous.

What have you got your eye on next?

At the moment, I’m really looking to invest in some shoes and a nice coat. These are things that I lack but am reluctant to spend money on because they can be so expensive. I’m also trying my best not to buy new clothes because of their environmental impact, and the last few items I have bought have been from second-hand shops.

credit to @zaramen__ via Instagram
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