Someone Great: The Coming of Age Heartbreak Everyone Needs to See


Netflix films can be a pick and choose of good and bad films, but their latest release with Gina Rodriguez’s new film, Someone Great, this is definitely one of the best.

The film follows Jenny (Rodriguez), a music journalist who has been dumped by her boyfriend of 9 years after she gets a job in San Francisco and her significant other, Nate (Lakeith Stanfield), is not willing to make the relationship work long distance.

What follows is the most realistic depiction of a heart-breaking separation that I have ever seen in a film, and the best thing is, it’s not all sad montages and wrapped up in bed weeping for days on end, this film is also hilarious and had me crying and laughing sporadically throughout the duration. 

The film depicts the parts of a break-up that everyone has been through; the moments where you hear a song or see a place you used to visit, and it reminds you of what you’ve lost. Everything about this film is relatable and funny and infectious, to Jenny walking around in her scruffiest clothes post-break-up, to dancing in your underpants with your best friends, because who hasn’t done that? The friendship translated in this film is the friendship that everyone wants; the loving moments of friendship where your crying and hugging at the same time, and the funny moments of friendship when you’re all tipsy on a night out and dancing together.

There is also an interesting social media and modern technology integration at the beginning of the film depicting the passage of time of the couple’s relationship. With the appearance of the typical Instagram posts and Spotify anniversary playlists it is a great plot device for demonstrating the progression of the relationship which only makes the break-up more devastating for Jenny and the audience alike. But by the end as Jenny, being a journalist, writes a letter as her own way of dealing with the break-up, it almost feels like Jenny along with the audience have gained some closure to this heart-breaking ordeal.

To add to its praise, the film also includes some incredibly poignant moments and quotes on friendship, love and relationships. One of the most notable moments in a relationship is the first ‘I love you’ and in the case of the film, the first ‘I love you’ between Nate and Jenny is one of the most beautiful moments in the film and one that had me reaching for the tissues! Stanfield’s acting to communicate Nate’s feelings is translated into a single look, which only shows his talent and makes the moment so beautiful and full of feeling. 

There are so many new elements to this film that make it a must-watch; the friendship, the infectious banter and laughter throughout, the pop culture references that only add to the comedic value. For instance, a funny moment between friends Blair and Erin has Erin’s witty banter manifesting into the comment, “you tryna make me feel feelings like a mother-f****n Pixar movie”.

Between this hilarious back and forth and the fact that this film is a testament to being, according to one character, “blessed with a broken heart” – how poetic is that? – it is the best emotional rollercoaster possible.

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