What’s In My Wardrobe? – Adam Saraswati Rawlings


What item in your wardrobe do you love the most?

My favourite item is probably my red dress that my friend picked out for me from a sale rack in H&M. I was so surprised by its high quality for a high street store, and it’s bold enough to stand out in my mostly all black wardrobe. It’s also classic enough that it doesn’t feel out of place. No matter how my day goes, it always goes a little better when I wear that dress. That or a Benarasi saree that I have, which I always feel beautiful in when I wear it.

credit to @itsadambitch_ via Instagram
credit to @itsadambitch_ via Instagram

What is the oldest item in your wardrobe?

I have a black Louis Vuitton scarf that I’ve had for a good five or six years that I wear nearly all the time, it’s a plain black scarf but it’s perfect for covering my hair.

Do you have an item you wear all the time?

Probably the aforementioned black scarf, or I have a long sleeve floor length black dress that I wear a lot too. I also gravitate to a pair of black harem pants I’ve had for years.

credit to @itsadambitch_ via Instagram

Any fashion faux pas?

For me it would probably be a navy Abercrombie jacket I bought years ago, it wasn’t necessarily a bad piece but severely not for me. It was far too masculine – far too macho for a feminine person like me.

Who are the people who have the biggest influence over your style?

Some of my biggest style influences come from the world of music, Stevie Nicks probably being the biggest of them. I love her witchy look and the fact that she tends to be head to toe black with lots of lace and floaty pieces. I also really love Lana Del Rey’s style because of how classic a lot of what she wears is. Another big influence is Hindu traditional dress: the sarees and lenghas these days are becoming more and more innovative and they’re a nice way for me to introduce more colour into my wardrobe. Beyond that I draw inspiration from a lot of places, but they’re the main influences.

credit to @stevienicks via Instagram
credit to @lanadelrey via Instagram

What have you got your eye on next?

I want to expand into more pieces that continue the trend in my wardrobe that are black, long, and flowy. I like pieces that have an aspect of comfort and an aspect of drama to them. I think more traditional pieces too, like kurtas and kaftans are high on the list for new purchases.

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