Twelfth Night: Charming and Archaic


⭐⭐⭐⭐- “The best LUTG performance I have seen this year!”

This weekend saw LUTG present the Shakespeare classic ‘Twelfth Night’ at The Dell Amphitheatre in Williamson Park.

Not only was the acting and production of this play excellent and thoroughly enjoyable, the setting was perfect for a World War Two themed take on ‘Twelfth Night’ and only added to the charm of the production and added a feel of the war ages with the natural setting, the air raid bunkers, the military uniforms and the interval show which included several singers belting out songs from the 40s and 50s.

My only criticism would be that the World War Two cultural setting was not completely taken advantage of within the story of ‘Twelfth Night’ itself, besides the costumes and the songs during the interval.

Nevertheless, that is my only criticism as the attention to detail in this production is admirable and demonstrates a dedicated team with a keen eye and this only enriched what was an already brilliant production.

On to the play itself, the acting was stellar and engaging throughout. Each character was perfectly embodied by those acting them out and the comedy which is such an integral part of this play was perfectly timed and with the insertion of some Northern slang and humour with the actor playing Sir Toby Belch this only made the comedic element better.

The comedic element was also made better when a dog made an impromptu appearance in the production, making two laps of the stage before deciding his stage debut had come to an end. This spontaneous moment in the play only demonstrated the talent of the actors on stage at this time as they were able to integrate it’s appearance to provide another comedic moment for the audience to enjoy.

This was the best LUTG performance I have seen this year; it was wholesome, funny, entertaining and even with all the curveballs in the show from the dog cameo to the end of the play being rained out, it was purely brilliant.

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