Review: Lou Sanders: Say Hello to your new Step-Mummy


Lou Sanders did not disappoint. Her new touring comedy gig, Say Hello to Your New Step-Mummy, is a great comedy set that will leave you smiling for days after. She has previously won the comedy game show Taskmaster and has appeared on a variety of comedy shows such as Channel 4’s Travel Man and the BBC’s Live at the Apollo. Her new comedy set is another incredible addition to her already hilarious portfolio of work.

In Say Hello to Your New Step-Mummy, there is no topic too intimate to explore! As she is selling ‘Vote Labia’ tote bags to compliment this comedy set, you can get a good understanding as to the fact that there is nothing off-limits. Rather than being crude, she explores sexuality in a way that many will be able to relate to; she lays bare her insecurities, making you realise that we all have our problems and cringe-worthy experiences. If comedy regarding sex and relationships isn’t your kind of humour, there is still something for you. 

In this set, she is open about her spirituality, talking frankly about spiritual healing and dating yourself. Equally, she comedically explores her relationship with her own family. All of these topics make the show highly personal, but this is not to its detriment. She opened her show saying that she only wanted to present a real, truthful depiction of her life and this is refreshing in the age of social media where we only see the best moments of people’s lives. Her content is a breath of fresh air, making you feel that you are not alone in your experiences of love, family and self-exploration.

Lou Sanders is a proud feminist and feminist messages run throughout the set. She covers important topics such as female sexuality and plastic surgery in a way that never feels forced or out of place. Although she mainly draws upon a female experience for her comedy, that is not to say that men going to the show will not be able to relate to her humour. She makes it clear early on that this show is not just a show for women, challenging the notion that female comedians are only funny to women. This is a comedy set for everyone, except for young children!

Sanders’ performance is incredibly funny but what she does best is create an atmosphere that makes you feel as though you are talking to a friend. Her openness is rather relaxing, and her interaction with the audience never feels awkward. She can build a relationship with the audience, even though the set is only approximately fifty minutes long. I feel her comedy set is enhanced being seen in an intimate theatre. Having seen her at the Dukes theatre, the small theatre and the relatively small audience made you feel more comfortable in engaging with her comedy and made the audience interaction feel less intense. Again, this reinforces the friendly atmosphere that Sanders creates. 

Overall, Lou Sanders’ Say Hello to Your New Step-Mummy is a hilarious comedy set that will make you laugh until your cheeks hurt. Even though the comedy material can be rude at parts, she focusses on a broad range of topics that means there is something for everyone. Sanders celebrates sexuality, feminism, family and spirituality in ways that never feel isolating to a diverse audience. Her show is full of positive energy that will radiate into your life for many days after.


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