Interview with a Student OnlyFans


“I got so much more comfortable with my p*ssy!”

So, tell me a bit about OnlyFans for those who aren’t familiar with the site.

[Piri]: So, OnlyFans is a website for those who want to sell premium content – it can be anything but I’m assuming you want to talk about the porn side! Customers can pay monthly to subscribe and view the content. You can upload anything you want – from normal photos to lingerie photos, and sexually explicit content.

How did you get into it?

[Piri]: I always wanted to try it but I was always in relationships. However, I had a breakup and was super broke at the time (big old overdraft) so I finally decided to just go for it in May of this year.

[ButterFlower]: I started it over lockdown. I wanted to see what the hype was all about!

What sort of things do you post?

[Piri]: I post nude photos and videos as well as lingerie shots, mostly just me posing and looking cute. I did do some pay-per-view masturbation videos but that’s just whenever I feel like it!

[ButterFlower]: I post lingerie photos and lewds, anything fun and flirty. (A lewd is a tease photograph; not quite a nude photo but teasing the viewer.)

Are you ever worried about what this could mean for your professional career if these photos were found by someone who recognised you?

[Piri]: There was always some fear about that but, rationally, employers shouldn’t and can’t discriminate against people for doing sex work. I feel pretty confident that it won’t impact my future other than starting off my adult life with a huge cash injection! I do worry that I’m desensitised to it all and underestimating the impact this could have but, to me, it’s not a big deal.

[ButterFlower]: Yes and no. I don’t post anything that could be majorly controversial but I keep my name out of it. Most people know I have it; it’s not a huge deal. That said, I do avoid posting explicit photos just in case. I believe that it shouldn’t matter at all but sadly we still live in a conservative society.

Image courtesy of OnlyFans
Have you had any negative experiences doing what you do?

[Piri]: I’ve had some weird messages and a lot of dick pics but I’m used to that now and you can laugh it off. Something that gets to me though is the odd time when somebody steals your content. Someone made a fake account on Twitter with my content and got about 500 followers. It was quickly reported and they deactivated and apologised. It’s a really unfortunate side to doing what I do but it taught me to watermark my stuff.

[ButterFlower]: A lot of people have said weird things or got rude about it but honestly I’m used to it now. Unsolicited pictures and slut-shaming are (sadly) almost part of the job description.

Is there a support network in place for people who have those negative experiences?

[Piri]: Well, I guess you’d want to talk to your friends for their support in general but honestly the community of other OnlyFans girls on Twitter is insanely supportive. They will help get stolen content taken down super fast; so many girls helped me out I can’t thank them enough.

[ButterFlower]: I know a fair few people who do it and we talk to each other and my boyfriend is super supportive but we just have to look after each other.

How has running an OnlyFans account affected your self-confidence and self-image?

[Piri]: My self-confidence and self- image have gone through the roof! I was always pretty confident before but I just appreciate my body so much more and believe people more when they say I’m good-looking. I’ve noticed that I’ve stopped worrying about eating too much and stopped checking out my size in the mirror (more just checking myself out!) I also got so much more comfortable with my p*ssy! I used to be self-conscious and worry about how she looked but now I’m really not arsed and I appreciate and see the beauty in her so much more.

[ButterFlower]: I felt like a bad b*tch before and now I feel like a bad b*tch with extra cash.

How do you think the image of what someone on OnlyFans is and compares to what is shown in media?

[Piri]: The thing about the image that annoys me the most is calling people “lazy” or saying they’re “taking the easy way” for starting OnlyFans. Yes, you can get successful but you do have to work at it pretty hard and it’s not like I’ve given up the rest of my life for it: I still work another job and I’m going to do a masters next year. Doing OnlyFans doesn’t mean we don’t have other jobs.

[ButterFlower]: People think it’s full of girls trying to scam – especially after the Bella Thorne situation. But I just think if someone is willing to pay, why not?

Now, there are a lot of rumours about people making thousands each week from OnlyFans – how true is that?

[Piri]: I was hoping you’d ask this! As of just now, I have made $11,700 from OnlyFans alone and probably another grand or so on top of that from Cashapp and Paypal. I’ve been doing it for 14 weeks so, as you can imagine, I’m gassed by how much I’ve made! These days, I’m making about $3k a month (which is about £2.3k). It does work, ladies.

[ButterFlower]: It can be true. I know a few friends of mine who have made loads but it depends on what you’re willing to post. I make a lot of money but the pressure to post more and more explicit or dirty material is always there.

Do you have any parting advice to give students considering starting an OnlyFans?

[Piri]: My main advice would be: Reddit is by far the best website for promoting your content. Don’t get disheartened when you start, either, because it does take a whole month to get started. Finally, only post content that you want to post. Lots of people will ask for more and it can be easy to just go with it but there is absolutely no pressure to cater to anyone. Just post photos of looking cute if that’s all you want to do.

[ButterFlower]: Do it but be careful. Don’t use your real name, post only what you are comfortable with and don’t let anyone pressure you. (And make sure you pay your taxes!)

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