The Best Innuendos from Bake-Off 2020


We’re all worrying about Marc’s “very large nuts.”

It’s that time of year again where we gather our cakes, gin, and (virtual) pals for Bake Off night every Tuesday where we can become world-class critics in Sussex Pond Puddings and fall in love with the bakers’ wholesome disaster magnetism.

It’s also that time of year again where we get to giggle at poorly-concealed innuendos and, without further ado, here are our favourites.

“Do you always like a lot of sausage?”

Matt Lucas opened Bread Week with this floorer. Just like Rowan, everyone’s favourite music teacher, we wouldn’t care to comment. *Fans self*

“I think 9.5 inches is quite respectable.”

And Rowan honestly just takes Bread Week as the King of Innuendo. He also manages to slip into conversation that he “thinks in inches” and, I don’t know about you, but in this mess of a year, I needed the reminder that GBBO is still one of the gayest shows on telly. We didn’t get Pride 2020 but we got GBBO 2020.

“A nipple there and a nipple there…”

While appraising Mak’s biscuit teapots, Matt Lucas dropped this gem before summing up plainly, “they are like breasts” and walking away.

“Maybe if you stroke it, it’ll get bigger.”

For Chocolate Week, Linda (who seems like the nan who’d sneak you a voddy in the pub) was proofing her dough and complaining about it not doubling in size when Matt Lucas snuck up with this cheeky remark. And of course, Linda’s reply flawed us: “Might do. Generally does.”

*Splatters face in white liquid*

I’ll just leave this one here. Thanks, Marc. (And thanks @BritishBakeOff Twitter for describing this simply as a “milky mess.”)

“I remember worrying about your very large nuts.”

Prue, the stylish gran you wish you had, came out with this fond concern while trying Mark’s Florentine biscuits. Paul’s face might be my favourite bit about this one.

“You’ll be up all night.”

Mark comes right back around in Biscuit Week to set this golden innuendo up when he delivers the judges a coffee-soaked showstopper that will be keeping Paul and Prue up all night…😉

 “I like a crusty bottom.”

It’s not quite Mary Berry’s iconic “soggy bottom” but this confession from Laura in Bread Week had us in stitches. Not sure if we can agree but we can laugh.

“I’m worried about how deep the hole needs to be.”

Lottie might be our sarcasm idol and, really, she’s one of the few things getting me through the last sprint of 2020. During bread week, she came out with this beauty.

“He’s not blowing my mind.”

Mood, Prue. Mood.

“Lime flavoured nipples.”

But no one lives and breathes innuendo quite like Noel Fielding who is one Ofcom report away from having a scrapbook of official complaints. When discussing the nude sculpture he would make of Paul Hollywood, he added that fitting character, the nipples would, of course, be lime flavoured.

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