What is in Rhian’s Wardrobe?


  1. What is your favourite item in your wardrobe and why?

I find it difficult to establish favourites in anything, including clothes; my preferences change depending on my mood and the season. I do prefer clothes that have a degree of individuality and are, most importantly, flattering. The trend culture that cultivates the belief that people should simply buy what everyone else is wearing is tiring and it is a great shame when people fail to embrace and express themselves through their clothing. 

2. What has been your biggest fashion faux pas?

Apart from disastrous choices when I was younger (including clashing prints, blinding colours and dip-dyed hair), the thing that comes to mind is when a strap broke on my top. Walking in late to a Friday afternoon seminar, I noticed as I was taking off my jacket that one side of my top was hanging down: I naturally rushed to close my jacket and I can only hope that everyone found the seminar so engrossing that no one noticed. Admittedly, they probably did think I was a bit peculiar for keeping my coat buttoned up throughout the hour. 

3. What will you be buying next to add to your wardrobe? 

I never really plan on making additions in advance but I do plan on sewing a simple silk dress. I have found some fantastic deadlock fabric shops that will do very nicely. Coronavirus has dramatically changed my shopping habits for the best, I no longer focus on the next thing in my wardrobe and I barely ever buy anything online: I much prefer it this way. 

Furthermore, it is far more interesting for me to restyle pieces by layering or adjusting through sewing something on or taking something away. A little ingenuity can go further than you may think. 

4. Where’s your favourite place to shop?

Once again, I do not have a favourite place to shop but I do much prefer visiting shops in person rather than online. I find far more interesting pieces when browsing rather than by planning ahead: there is nothing better than trudging around Lancaster visiting a variety of shops and then stopping for a coffee. The experience is far superior. 

Of course, online second-hand shops come closest to capturing the browsing feel but it’s not a replacement. Depop and Vestaire Collective though are both excellent places to find something with a story to it. 

There are many shops that I wish I could afford naturally which I shan’t list but any place that houses clothes that are a little different and has interesting designs wins me over. 

5. Are there any accessories you can’t live without?

Not especially, no. Of course, jewellery is essential and if I wear a moderately plain outfit I do try to elevate it with an interesting necklace or pair of earrings. I also like a satin or silk scarf, they are a great way of adding a pop of pattern or colour and provide some respite from the biting wind.

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