The New Year’s Resolution You Need to Make According to Your College


It’s been a long, mad, weird year and we are glad to see the back of it. To say a proper goodbye, we thought we’d help you on your way to 2021.

County – Try baking some banana bread

Sure, the trend may have been and gone but Tier 3 is coming in hard and strong so we need to sit back on the lockdown challenges we never got around to. And what better challenge for County, college of the banana yellow, than baking some banana bread to eat smugly in your student kitchen.

Furness – Be your own Bradley Walsh and host a game night

We’re all a bit sick to death of Zoom quizzes but let’s mix it up for the new year and start a regular night to play board games with the flat. If you miss going down to Trevor to play Trivial Pursuit or Don’t Say It then this is your sign to whack out the Monopoly for a house games night.

Fylde – Pick up a new sport

Colloquially known as the sporty college, if you’re Fylde then maybe you should try your hand at a sport you’ve always been tempted to try. A lot of the Pole Fitness Society’s instructors are offering online stretch classes, the Men and Women’s Football Clubs are taking on various online challenges, LU Boxing has been hosting live sessions online, and Roses Cheerleading Soc has posted try-out tutorials online.

Bowland – Gordon Ramsey your way into the New Year

We all suck at sticking to a meal plan but for the new year, why not try cooking a few meals outside of your comfort zone? Attempt a dish that isn’t Super Noodles or pesto pasta and you might just find a few that convince you to follow a meal plan.

Pendle – Make a TikTok

Everyone knows Pendle is the college of the witch and what is more magical than transformation filters on TikTok. Whether you perfect a TikTok dance, catch a comedy moment on camera, or post your creative montage, try dabbling in a trend and maybe you’ll start 2021 as a TikTok star.

Lonsdale – Channel your Tolkien and go for a walk

Discovering your own city is such an underrated joy so why not explore the wilds of Lancaster and get that vitamin D (and sure, you’ll get some time away from your flatmates for once, too). Try walking to Clougha Pike or Pendle Hill and get those Insta-worthy countryside shots – it’ll feel just like pre-lockdown when you had to make the hour-long walk from Lonsdale to the rest of campus.

Cartmel – Dabble in something creative

Snapchat, TikTok and Insta Reels are full of creative tutorials for everything under the sun. Treat yourself to a starter pack for 2021 and try: resin crafts, painting, drawing, scrapbooking, crochet, knitting, embroidery, poetry, story-writing, graphic design. (If it goes well, you’ll be able to save £££ and make your Christmas presents next year.)

Grizedale – Experiment with making some new cocktails

Everyone knows that Grizedale bar is unparalleled on campus and house drinks just aren’t the same without egging your mates to head down for that 2 for 1 offer. It’s especially hard this time of year when we’re missing such classic Christmas cocktails as The Grinch and The Snowman so why not treat yourself to the Costa Christmas syrups and start whipping up some of your own cocktail/mocktails?

Grad – Honestly, just give yourself a little break from work

You guys work too hard as it goes. Sit down. Have a cup of tea. Watch telly.

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