A Review of SS21 Digital Fashion Shows…


Covid-19 has caused problems for the fashion industry, whether it be designer brands or high street brands, many have struggled with the rapidly changing times. The fashion industry is learning and evolving quickly amidst the pandemic. It is great to see that the industry isn’t going to let these challenges stop them from showcasing all the new collections, by going digitally. It shows exciting times and new opportunities ahead, as fashion adapts and finds innovative ways to engage with customers and buyers. Perhaps this is the start of the industry’s “reinvention”. Looking at ‘The Business of Fashion’, ‘Vogue’ and social media platforms I will give a review of my most loved SS21 collections.

Fendi Couture Spring Summer 2021 pre-recorded show was opulent, floral and sophisticated. Designed by Artistic Director of Couture and Womenswear collections, Kim Jones, this collection screams creativity and escapism. The ideas behind this show are inspiring! Looking back in time to when Fendi was created in 1925, Virginia Woolf’s novel ‘Orlando’ is the inspiration behind the style. Additionally, the inspiration comes from Fendi legend, Karl Largerfeld who left 54 years of archives behind following his death in 2019. The contrast between History and romantic couture works exceptionally well. The genderless, transparent and opulent gowns represent the wet drapery of Bernini sculptures. The gowns were stunning, and the tailoring is done to utmost perfection. The high-profile models from Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell to Demi Moore were beautiful and gave it that extra memorability. What stands out to me is that it is not a simple catwalk. It is a mirrored maze with pockets off-cutting it, displaying bookshelves or vintage items where the models stand once they have gone down the runway. This to me is perfect and creative given that no one could attend. Fendi has done an incredible job this season!

Prada’s Fall 2021 Menswear collection shown on Instagram live, which you can now view on IGTV, was a popular topic amongst many fashion lovers. Co-directed and designed by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons this collection is vibrant but with all the usual Prada touches. I loved the setting, the music and of course all the outfits with a statement blazer! I’m not a huge fan of the jacquard print items such as the bodysuits, however, I love that it is different for Prada. This collaboration is iconic. What seems to be raved about in the media was the live Q&A after the show which brings into reality the connectivity we are all trying to achieve at the moment. Contrasting to the escapism of Fendi, Prada uses the current situation to its advantage, almost normalising social media and online culture. Overall, Prada did not fail to disappoint!

So, is this the new normal in the fashion industry? I love that ordinary people like me now have the opportunity to watch the shows and view the collections for ourselves, giving us the feeling that we are watching front row. I’m loving the TikTok trend that is circling around social media, “What I would wear front row at different designer fashion shows”, I think it adds to this new era of the fashion industry and additionally shows that even though fashion week has been cancelled time and time again, engagement and love for this industry has not disappeared. 

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