Carter Shield Round Up: Volleyball and women’s football


With the finals day of Michelmas term just around the corner, the final two events of for the inter college Carter Shield competition were fiercely competed. Firstly came 6-a side women’s indoor football, which unfortunately saw the first disqualification of the tournament, with Fylde and Lonsdale being disqualified for not having enough players on time; leaving both of the groups with only three teams. The first group drawn saw Pendle, Bowland and Furness competing against each other. Furness must have been hopeful of reaching their first semi final of this year’s competition but they were no match for the other two teams.

Bowland in particular looked strong, going through top of their group and will fancy their chances of beating Cartmel in the semis to reach the final. In the other group there was no-one capable of stopping County, who turned up with enough players for two teams. They went through as clear winners of the group and will be tough competition for Pendle in the semi finals. Grizedale would have been slightly disappointed not to qualify for the semis but will never the less be pleased with a good start to the Carter Shield.

The final event of the term was indoor volleyball. Pendle were unfortunately disqualified for not turning up on time, leaving one of the groups with three teams in. Furness once again could not quite manage a performance good enough to see them reach the semis. The other teams in their group, Fylde and Grizedale were both strong teams but Fylde were dominant, beating Grizedale to go through top of their group.

They will play County in the semi final, who once again had by far the largest amount of players (hardly surprising when they are the biggest college), including AU President Gaz Coleman. County’s achievement of reaching three semi finals is their best start to the Carter Shield for several years. However Fylde, who have also reached three semi finals, will, based on the performances in the group stages, surely be the favourites to take the place in the final.

The other semi final sees Grizedale take on Lonsdale. This is the third of three out of four semi finals that Lonsdale have reached, a great achievement considering their lack of Carter Shield success in recent years. Lonsdale looked strong in the group stages but Grizedale are a good team and it will no doubt be a close encounter as both teams battle it out to gain vital points by reaching the final.

With every college but Furness reaching at least one semi final, finals day of Michelmas will be an exciting day. With so many points up for grabs, teams will not be taking it as easy as they may have done in the group stages, with every sports rep desperate for their college to be head of the Carter Shield leader board going into the Christmas holidays.

Finals day takes place on 7th December so after this issue goes to print, but for a full round up of the terms events and the results of the finals day, go to the Scan website, via the LUSU site.

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  1. Well done to all County members involved in the events so far!
    For years County has struggled to compete with the other colleges but this year we have been strong, and in several events, the best team.
    Praise must go to Amy and Tan for their fantastic efforts in the first term.
    Bring on finals weekend!!
    County- Winning it for the Tree.

  2. i would just like to point out that Lonsdale have also reached three finals as well as County and Fylde, would be nice to be included for once!

  3. I was just reading the article and it does mention that Fylde and County are both in 3 semi finals, but what about Lonsdale? I feel we havn’t had enough press this term, especially since we wern’t used to be thought of as a threat at all. I’m just concerned that colleges aren’t represented fairly in SCAN if only County and Fylde get all the best press and some are swept under the carpet. Lonsdale are also very proud to be in 3 semi finals, especially since we have never won the Carter Shield since it began years ago.

  4. Sorry Ffion, i didn’t on purposely miss Lonsdale out, I just wrote the article in a hurry. There will be a full review of this term and preview of next term in the first issue after Christmas where all the teams will be looked at fully and hopefully be given equal coverage.I’ve edited this article now as well 🙂

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