Fish flounder against relentless York


York added 4 points to their overall tally after a comfortable victory over Lancaster in the outdoor Ultimate event.

York refused to let their earlier setback in the indoor event dampen their spirits, and started the outdoor game strongly. Their efforts were rewarded with three early points, leaving Lancaster shell-shocked after just ten minutes.

Lancaster were not cowed, though, and fought back bravely, scoring a point to leave the score 4-1 in the first interval. Their efforts were to prove in vain, however, as York again pulled away. By the 45 minute mark, the score stood at an insurmountable 12-5; another point was to prove scant consolation for Lancaster, and at just under the hour mark York finally broke through the 15 point cap to seal their victory.

Maxwell Moujaes, Lancaster captain, linked his side’s defeat to their victory earlier in the day in the indoor event. “It was an exact reversal of last year,” Moujaes said. “Last year we lost the indoor, then came out blazing to win the outdoor. This year: the first time we’ve ever won the indoor at roses, and unfortunately that made York come out blazing for the outdoor game and we lost by similar margins to last year.”

Nevertheless, he praised Lancaster’s efforts. “We should be proud of winning the indoor game, and it’s just a shame we didn’t take the outdoors too,” he said. “We should be proud, we tried really hard, but they had the home advantage and the home crowd.”

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