Learning Zone Problems


Despite being opened less than three months ago, the Learning Zone has come across more problems with two of its MAC computers being sectioned off due to a leak from the ceiling.

On Thursday 19th November, after heavy rain fall throughout the week, bin bags and buckets were acquired from the Learning Zone staff to shelter the newly purchased equipment, situated to the side of the electronic doors.

Catherine Mclearie, a second year student from Furness College, said “There are very few MAC computers in here as it is and for them to be unavailable due to what seems to be poor construction is ridiculous.”

The leaking ceiling is the most recent in a spate of problems encountered in the Learning Zone over the past months. Most notably the electronic doors have been criticized for locking in students unexpectedly.

Tom Counsell from Lonsdale College, currently in his second year, stated, “I think that the Learning Zone is a fantastic investment by the university but the fact that it has so many problems questions the building’s durability.”

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