Student parents party expected to keep campus feeling the Christmas spirit


Friday 18 December will see the Graduate Common Room transformed as it hosts the family Christmas party for students and their children over the Christmas period.

The party, organised by LUSU and the GSA (Graduate Students’ Association), will give parents and children alike the chance to celebrate and enjoy the festive period.

Davey Garland, Social Secretary for the GSA said, “activities like this, for all students staying over the Christmas period is important, and gives an opportunity for them to mix with others and leave their possible isolation.”

Although the party is still in the final stages of organisation, it promises to include festive food, music and exciting party games. There have also been rumours that Santa may pay a visit to deliver presents to the children.

What makes events like these so potent is the effect for parents as well as children. Aimed in particular to overseas students, the party will provide the opportunity to socialise and have fun at a time which can often be lonely and isolated. “It looks like it will be a good event for children and parents alike, as all too often we overlook our families on and off campus and focus on the traditional students” said Torri Crapper, VP EWD, who is organising the event in collaboration with the GSA.
Going by the success of last year’s Christmas party, it is hoped that this year is even better. “It went down a storm last year…campus can be a lonely place, certainly for children over the Christmas period, so getting the chance to meet Santa and generally get that attention at a special time is important” said Garland. “Giving some fond memories is important for both parents and children during their stay here.”

The party will start at 5pm on Friday 18 December in the Graduate Common Room, and is a must for parents and children to begin the fun and festive celebrations.

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