Indian Society raise £400 for Haiti


In response to the recent and highly publicised earthquake in Haiti Lancaster University’s Indian Society held a charity week in Week Three.

The event aimed to raise awareness of the ongoing difficulties in Haiti and help with relief efforts in some way. All proceeds raised throughout the week are in the process of being channelled directly to Haiti to help those whose lives were affected by the quake.

The society organised four bake sales, a charity dinner with entertainment on Friday night and a table-tennis competition on Saturday. The bake sales were held in Alexandra Square and according to the secretary of the Indian Society, Sonakshi Saran, “helped us to collect a lot of the money.” Tickets for the charity dinner were also available throughout each bake sale.

The dinner was held in the Minor Hall on 29th January and was attended by 60 people. Saran told SCAN that the event itself was ‘extremely successful’. The success of the charity dinner was further boosted by the dance performances of Arpit Chaudhary and Jerry Jack, who has been chosen to perform in Britain’s Got Talent.

As a result of these efforts, Saran said that “the society was able to collect a total of £400.” This money will be divided between two causes: £100 will go to India for an orphanage, whilst the remaining £300 will be given to UNICEF, a charitable organisation which is currently focused on providing for children who have lost or become separated from their families as a result of the events in Haiti.

The Vice President of the Indian Society, Ashutosh Kumar, commented that “the society has done very well for charity and both the students and staff of Lancaster University have been extremely helpful and supportive of this noble cause.”

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