LURPS to begin using cap guns


Lancaster University’s Role Playing Society (LURPS) will be using cap guns as a part of their activities from the summer term.

Used as a substitute for real firearms, cap guns contain small amounts of explosives to recreate the sound and smoke of a real gun. The society will be using the guns to bring an added sense of reality as a part of their live action role playing.

The cap guns do not fire bullets but do create the noise of the firing of a bullet. LURPS would like to reassure students that they do not need to worry about any shots that they may hear.

The society has trained safety officers to check that all weapons are safe to use and warnings will be displayed in the areas in which they will be in use. Referees will also be put in place during the games, wearing high visibility jackets to reassure any students who may come across the game. College JCRs will be made aware that replica fire arms will be in use.

Emphasis on the military aspects by some people who use cap guns can lead to opposition to their use in certain situations. However, within role playing scenarios, more emphasis is placed on the theatrical element of the game.

Although the role playing society has put extensive security precautions in place to ensure the safety of the student population, these are still replica firearms and accidents have been known to occur. Students are personally asked to behave in a mature way should they encounter the society undertaking their activities. Any students wanting more information should contact LURPS or their college JCR.

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