Lost in Lost?


For fans of Lost the wait to the finale season has been long, on 5th February on Sky One the wait will come to an end…. I wonder what fans are expecting and whether all the mysterious and questions that have built up over the years will be answered? The end of last season saw Juliette smashing the bomb to explode it after falling down the hatch…what happens now?

Due to its large cast and special effects ‘Lost’, filmed in Oahu, Hawaii has become one of the most expensive television series ever made. With its constant conflict and moral decisions that have to be made along with the majestic scenery and well-developed characters it’s no wonder the show has attracted 16 million viewers per episode on ABC during its first year in America and massive figures in the UK as well.

Last season we saw many events unfold such as certain members after leaving the island to go home, returning back after Locke returns to unite them and bring them back together. Jacob tells him he must die to do this; we are lead to believe it was suicide until later on when we witness Ben strangling him after he talks Locke out of suicide. Locke’s death and the appearance of Jacob to the ex-members of the island bring them together to return, but for what reason they are unsure. Something else that greatly excited me was John Locke becoming the leader of the others and asking Richard Alpert to lead him to Jacob as we find out to kill him, or at least get Ben to kill him, Locke is defiantly a ‘love him or hate him’ character.

Jacob is an entity that interests fans greatly; he is supposed to be several hundred years old and lives underneath the remains of a statue. One of the main theories about Jacob and his bringing people back to the island is to prove that not all man-kind is bad, to bring them to an island away from normal civilisation to start again without money, war, corrupt governments and perhaps to recreate a ‘garden of Eden’ like scenario. Certainly with Bernard and Rose we see how happy they’ve become on the island and don’t mind what happens as long as they’re together. In this sense is it possible to see Jacob as a type of god or in fact ‘the god’ himself or is it more scientific than that? I’ve found as the season’s go on Lost defiantly pushes the boundaries in many ways which, in turn force the audience perhaps to examine their own lives.

Science, religion, conspiracy theories etcetera aside, from the looks of promotions for the new season we can expect plenty more action, drama, romance, effects and breath-taking scenes which transport the viewer so they are no longer an audience but almost become part of the word of ‘Lost’ itself.

There is no doubt about the fact that ‘Lost’ fans are excited and hoping that in the final season all questions will be answered we will finally learn why the island is able to travel through time, what the significance of Jacob is, why they need to be on the island and over-all to learn the final destiny of the island and characters we have come to so avidly follow and adore.

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