Festival Guide 2010: Reading and Leeds


Originally finding its roots as a Jazz event in 1961, this festival is one of the longest running in England and always a popular choice for youngsters and adults alike.

With past headliners such as Rage Against the Machine, The Killers, Kings of Leon, and Radiohead; Festival Republic have delivered substantially to festival goers once again this year, supplying them with the eagerly anticipated Blink 182, along with Guns ‘n’ Roses and Arcade Fire.

This popular music festival is a temporary home to an array of talents that will cater to various musical tastes, ranging from indie to heavy metal, so there are plenty of acts to entertain the masses. Other crowd pleasers this year include Paramore, The Gaslight Anthem, The Libertines, LCD Soundsystem, and many more.

Whether you go for just a day, or the whole weekend, it is ‘that’ atmosphere that really makes a festival unforgettable, and Reading/Leeds has plenty! Campsite banter is at its best, with “colour wars” between each section; it probably differs between both locations, and by year, but each colour has its own reputation, whether red is where the party is at or yellow for the quieter soul. You’re likely to make friends with everyone and anyone, jump at the chance for a “free hug” and devour a giant Yorkshire pudding in between acts.

If you’ve been before, chants of “buttscratcher”, “bollocks”, and the infamous “poo girl” probably conjure up all sorts of memories, and suddenly wearing your festival wristband for years after seems like a really cool idea.

Although weekend tickets are sold out, you may still be able to nab one off eBay, or even grab a day ticket whilst you can!

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