AU Awards celebrate sporting successes


The culmination of the sporting world’s achievements at Lancaster comes in Week Eight with the annual Athletic Union (AU) Awards. Individual and group achievements of the sporting clubs and societies are lauded in a ceremony which recognises the grand feats attained by the athletes throughout the year.

The awards available for application are the Merit, Colour and Rose awards. The Colours Awards recognise achievements gained in different levels of the respective sporting fields.

The AU Merit of Achievement is awarded to an individual or team who wins a non-BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) tournament within their sport, or who wins a BUCS conference cup. Cricket Tier 1 is an exception as the Championship, Trophy and Conference cup are all competed for in the same league.

University Half Colours are awarded to an individual who reaches county representation, e.g. Lancashire, level in their given sport, having played at least one fixture. They are also awarded to individuals or teams that place third in a BUCS points scoring event.

Full Colour awards are similar, but are given for reaching a national division, e.g. North West, or for being placed first or second in a BUCS event.

The University Half Rose award goes to an individual who reaches national level, e.g. BUCS team, in which they must have taken part. Being selected does not fit the criteria for the award. It is also awarded to teams who reach the finals of their BUCS Championship or national BUCS Competition.

The University Full Rose, the highest achievement, goes to those who reach full international representational level in their given sport, e.g. Great Britain.

“The AU Awards is an excellent chance for us to celebrate the achievements of some very talented sports people here at Lancaster University,” said Sue Wynes, LUSU VP (Sports). “It is a fantastic occasion, with many students and staff in attendance, to see many students receiving well deserved awards. The event this year will include a few extra additions so it as an occasion certainly not to be missed.”

Other awards, which Wynes is involved in judging, are given based on teams’ all-round performance during the year.

The Team of the Year award goes to the AU club or clubs whose first team has progressed furthest in their field. The Club of the Year award is for the club who has exceeded expectations in all sectors, such as administration or all-round performance, throughout the year. The President’s award goes to the club who has surpassed itself in all aspects of its operation during the academic year, and is selected by Wynes alone.

The awards are open to applications from any one person or team from the societies affiliated to LUSU. Applications are to be sent to Wynes, and from there the applications are assessed by a ‘Colours Committee’ of staff and students.

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