11 Things That Don’t Make You a Bad Feminist


  1. You like to spend hours getting ready for a night out in Sugar

Caring about your appearance does not make you a bad feminist. If you want to invest time in getting the perfect eye liner flick or making your hair swish just so, it doesn’t have to be a sign of oppression, rather a sign of femininity or pride.


  1. You feel sad when your housemate is snuggled up on the sofa with bae and you’re alone

You don’t need a man/woman/non-binary partner, but sometimes it would be really really nice to have one. Craving companionship is human nature and that doesn’t make you a bad feminist.


  1. You judged the drunk girl in Sugar who couldn’t get up off the floor

You weren’t the only one… We’re all guilty of judging one another for superficial things, and chances are you’ve been the drunk one who couldn’t get up off the floor before too.


  1. Even though the sun has finally come out, you didn’t put a skirt on because you hadn’t shaved your legs

Societal pressure that suggests people need to shave their body hair to conform to the ideal standard of beauty is hard to resist. So whether you decide to go au natural or you shave just to enjoy the feeling of bed sheets on your smooth legs, you can have as much or as little body hair as you like!


  1. You’re really looking forward to taking couple photos at Grad Ball only to put them all over social media with the caption #CoupleGoals

You’re no less a feminist if you want to celebrate your relationship and share it with your friends. And if you and your partner are both equal in your relationship, then that really is couple goals!


  1. You spend hours binge watching tv shows that don’t exactly portray female role models

It might make you a bad student if you’re watching Netflix when you should be revising, but it doesn’t make you a bad feminist. While tv shows might not pass the Bechdel test and could be heavily analysed using Laura Mulvey’s theory of the male gaze, sometimes you can’t help but excitedly tune in to watch the new season of Love Island.


  1. You let your date pay for drinks in Study Rooms

You don’t need to constantly assert your independence to be independent. If your date is chivalrous, that doesn’t mean they’re a misogynist. Sometimes it’s nice to be treated, and next time drinks are on you!


  1. You have one of those days where you just feel a bit shit about yourself and the lack of self love makes you feel even more shit

It’s just not possible to think you’re amazing and incredible all day every day, and that’s okay, it’s probably in your ego’s best interest. Just remember, you are of value and ignore that little voice in the back of your head, you are your own worst critic.


  1. You don’t want to have casual sex

Sure, there’s no more double standard and women can have as much sex as men now, woohoo! Not actively participating in consensual sex doesn’t not make you a feminist though, and it doesn’t make you a prude either. Feminism is about gaining the right to have consensual sex however you desire.


  1. You don’t always admit to being a feminist

Feminism is a mine field of critics and commentators who actively try and define your version of feminism, so at times it may seem easier to keep quiet. No ones asking you to be a martyr for the cause, you don’t need the title of “Feminist” to be a feminist.


  1. You’re a man

That’s right, men can be feminists too! Need inspiration? Ryan Gosling is your go to.

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