New BBC Three TV series seeks couples


It’s not too controversial to say this: for girls, living with their partners can sometimes be difficult. The once perfect, bronzed, well-groomed hunk gets comfortable with the relationship and has reverted back to being the lazy lump that he always was. Expecting you to do all the cleaning and cooking, he lounges around on your sofa, romancing with his games consoles more than he does you whilst turning your place into the lad-pad he always dreamed of, as if you weren’t there.

Help is at hand. If you’re living with your partner but want things to change, then Renegade Pictures want to hear from you. They are currently working on a new series for BBC Three featuring couples who are living together, but where things aren’t working out exactly how the girlfriend first imagined. If this interests you at all, then they can be contacted at [email][/email] or alternatively by phone on 0207 449 3292.

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