Dim witted students


Despite the burgeoning academic reputation of Lancaster University, it never ceases to amaze me how breathtakingly dim witted some of its students are and this years crop of Freshers is no exception.

I use the bus to and from the University frequently and recently I overheard a conversation with the word “like” used 16 times in one sentence and an interesting interpretation of how to decipher a 24-hour timetable in which sadly, neither of them arrived at the correct answer. I would have thought also that they could work out how to queue for buses in an orderly manner which was bad enough when the tunnel was open, but now it is shut for construction purposes, it is a shambles exacerbated by the inability of students obviously unable to understand the basics of forming an orderly line.

Finally let me pass on a tip to all students wishing to travel to the University, this is a clue as to how to determine whether a particular bus is going to the university or not. The destination board will say University.

A member of the travelling public

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