Work experience as library assistant


Around April last year, I received an email from CEEC at Lancaster to say that there was an opportunity for me to apply for funding to undertake an internship of my choice over the summer months.  I decided that work experience would be the way forward so I approached York St John University myself and was offered the internship, much to my delight.  It was four weeks long, during which time I helped the university library staff to re-catalogue the special collections, make orders, accept donations to the library and undertake other jobs that were essential to the smooth running of the library. The entire experience was completely rewarding, as I learned so much about the behind the scenes running of a higher education institution.  The people I worked with were friendly and full of advice as to how to make the best of my degree when I graduate later this year.  I definitely enjoyed the experience, and now have another set of skills to put on my CV as well as a new reference for any future employers.  I would recommend any other students to make the most of any similar opportunities offered to them while at university, especially since graduate jobs are currently getting more competitive.

Jessica Popplewell
Bowland College
Third year student

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