Election stats


Statistics from the college elections which took place in Week Eight, have revealed which colleges voted for their new JCR most effectively.

The most popular time for voting was the first hour, as 803 people voted at 4pm, immediately after the polls opened. The statistics also revealed that the college who cast the most votes was Lonsdale contributing more than 17% of total college votes compared with Graduate college who contributed less than 4%.

In the second hour of voting, it was Cartmel who cast the most votes, contributing 109 votes, compared to Graduate who only cast six. Altogether, the first six hours of voting were the most popular, 2126 votes being cast, around two thirds of the total.

Surprisingly in the final hour of voting, only 4 people cast a vote.

Overall, the number of people who voted was relatively lacklustre, less than 3000 students voting for their college JCRs.

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