Fancy looking your best this Winter?


The Winter months have set in thick and fast and New Year resolutions have been cast and probably lost just as quickly. Join the gym? Quit smoking? Eat more healthily? How about take care of your hair, skin and nails? This cold and miserable time of year can take its toll on our wardrobes, so why not our bodies? Please remember that it’s important not to ignore the vital signs of beauty therapy requirements when our cold, cracked skin and coarse hair is crying out for attention. Stylists to the stars and contributor to The Early Show on CNS, David Evangelista deals with beauty malfunctions such as these every winter, and has some crucial tips when looking after your body.

  • Hair – Using a moisturising conditioner that is specifically suited for your hair type, whether it is thick, thin, dry or oily, can assist in keeping it nourished and rejuvenated for the months ahead. Also, try limiting your use of blow drying and straightening, this will always help keep you looking fresh. Effective towel drying, where you towel dry a significant amount of your wet hair and stop as soon as your hair is dry, as well as the use of styling products can achieve the same results. If you have fine hair, do avoid using deep or leave in conditioning treatments, instead, use a light conditioner each time you jump in the shower. Thick, or curly hair can require deep treatment, such as a leave in conditioner, to be used once or twice a week. These specific treatments can be used with daily routine masks, oils and serums, if you have the pennies to spare, to keep moisture locked in.
  • Skin -To keep your skin as supple and hydrated as possible during these cold month avoid over heating your house, not that this is a common student problem. Also, constantly moisturise your skin, including irregular routine places such as the soles of your feet if you find your skin extremely dry and cracked. Your face may require extra attention as it can dry out exceptionally fast in comparison to the rest of your body so don’t use gel type cleaners but choose creams instead, they will protect it for longer. But, if you’re feeling really adventurous, splash out on a face mask, they will remove impurities and have your skin looking cleaner and healthier in no time.
  •  Shaving – Although seasons may change, your shaving routines shouldn’t. Ladies should protect their legs from winter dryness, shave them regularly and see how your skin will be left glowing from the natural exfoliation. Also, as your skin is obviously dryer in winter months, it is important to keep hydrated by using a high moisturising shave cream or gel. Don’t forget, men can moisturise too, a little application of a light cream after shaving will keep you looking your best in the cold.

So, even though the sun isn’t shining, breathe a little life into your skin and beauty regime this Winter. Afterall, you can only snuggle up under a scarf for so long!

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