How to woo on a budget


Valentines Day is a time of year when you can be all soppy with your partner and not lose any respect from your mates. It is a time to show your other half you care and it is very much a time to become absorbed in the numerous cheesy cards, love heart balloons and one day a year when PDA is accepted. The shops go mad for it. You could easily blow your student loan with the abundance of valentines merchandise on offer. Well not anymore, as you need not get carried away and end up spending a fortune. A massive splurge will not make your partner like you anymore and the baked bean diet for the remaining five weeks of term is not a good idea and your housemates will not thank you for it. Instead, use your creative flair and show your partner you really care and your sentimental side with their gift. Here, are a few ideas to get the ball rolling…

 Cards have become a great part of society and there are not many occasions that do not have a card dedicated to it and Valentines is no different. You walk into Clintons and you get mobbed by the millions of cards, all with a love-sickening message inside and all overly priced. Why not, create your own card. Use a special photo of the two of you and decorate it however you like. You can write your own message and tell them exactly what you want. It’s thoughtful, sentimental and more importantly makes it personal.

 A mixed-tape. Everyone loves a good old mixed tape, or in this day in age, a CD. Make a compilation of their favourite songs, memorable ones, golden oldies and well something to lift the mood or ignite that spark, if you know what I mean. There is nothing more personal than music, which brings back all the memories, old and new of the two of you.

A Photo board. Pictures are a great way to capture the moment and most couples have about a million pictures of themselves throughout their time together. Your partner would love a montage of photos showing just what a great couple you make. It is a great way to show all the great times you have had together and the many great things you have done. Get lots of pictures and a photoframe and bobs your uncle; you have a great present sorted.

No matter what you decide to do or make for your partner; you know that they are going to love it if thought and consideration has gone into your present selection or creation. Anything with a bit of thought behind it is sure to get you more brownie points than buying it straight out of a shop, which no doubt lots of people will end up with. It is not about flashing the cash, but simply showing you care. Your partner will really appreciate it and know that they have a ‘keeper’ on their arm.

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