Restart on that fresh start


January seems like the perfect month to start afresh. New year, new slate, new you. Sadly, as easy as it is to think about personal transformation, the reality is much more difficult: far too time consuming and often a distant thought after a few weeks. February, however, seems like a much more realistic time to get yourself in gear. There’s no sales drama with money going down the drain just so you can buy that fourth pair of unwanted skinny jeans. There’s no left over chocolate and food from Christmas just waiting to be eaten. February boasts little of the temptations which linger just after New Year, providing the perfect opportunity to finally become pro active.

Take yourself back to the first of January, waking up, probably with a massive hangover, thinking about the year ahead. So much can happen in 12 months, one month even, so it’s no surprise that those thoughts of becoming fit, healthy and a new super smiley you are probably either well down the drain or just about circling around the plug hole by now. But it’s not too late to salvage those distancing dreams, optimism is most definitely key. Cast aside those wavering New Year’s resolutions and find the time to start something new. If you have a gym membership already acting as a seemingly useless purchase, think again, surely you’re not that busy to have a quick swim or a burst on the treadmill. If you want to change something or do something different it won’t just happen on a wing and a prayer, it’s all about sourcing that hidden motivation to discover what fits and works perfectly for you.

If you’ve discovered that you’re hopeless at sticking to a detox, diet or new hobby get someone involved to help motivate you. In January you tried it alone, it didn’t work so you’re back on the sofa with the custard creams. But, if you coax a friend into helping you or recruit a gym buddy, February could well be the month you try and finally succeed. For those really focused and intent on making a difference, whether to yourself or helping others around you, draw up a list of your goals for the coming months. Although this all sounds slightly Monica from Friends, getting an organised grip on your life, studies or hobbies could really help you refresh your routine for the better.

For the Mr and Mrs Perfect amongst us who embrace the newness of the year with consistent energy and motivation, well done, congratulations, bravo to you. But for most of us, pessimism and fatigue have suppressed our will to try again and if we don’t see February as a second chance to start again we never will. This should be the month where we embrace the out of the ordinary, or more realistically, just start doing a little bit of exercise or join a society. This time next year we could be doing anything anywhere, or, most probably, we’ll still be in the library doing assignments, but at least we can say that we tried.

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