Common decency


I recently ruptured the ligaments in my knee. I’ve been on crutches, having recently cut down to one, and I permanently have to wear a leg brace. I go to lectures every day, and I try to go out once a week.

My friends are amazing and try to look out for me when possible. However, since I have effectively become a broken women, I have learnt that there are some students in Lancaster who really do not give a crap about anyone except themselves.

The amount of times I’ve been walked into, pushed over and spoken badly about, because I can’t move at the speed they are accustomed to, is innumerable – and that’s just during the day. This weekend, I was told to “fuck off” countless times, all because I tried, countless times, to make them aware that they were kicking my leg, which hurt. This was with a leg brace and a crutch.

I got told that it was my fault for going out in the first place. OK, yeah, it’s my fault that I hurt my leg. It’s my fault I’m out in the first place. I fell badly and twisted my knee. But we’re meant to be adults – the future of our generation. You’d think an adult would know that anyone on crutches is hardly able to stand up for themselves.


Katie Kitney
Lonsdale College

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