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My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding has been an eye-opener in the style stakes.  Sure, the girls’ wedding dresses are about eight miles over the

Lucy sheer blouse, Sunflower peg leg trousers £34.99, Nairobi sandals £39.99 from River Island
Lucy sheer blouse, Sunflower peg leg trousers £34.99, Nairobi sandals £39.99 from River Island

top, but it’s their scanty party-wear that’s really eye-popping.

But who are we to judge? The trend for sheer clothing as seen on the catwalks for spring/summer 2011 doesn’t exactly leave much to the imagination.  Sheer style is nothing new; it’s the medium through which Kate Moss has been showing us her nipples for years.

Lancaster and nipples are incompatible for two reasons. One, you’re likely to frighten the locals and two, bitterly cold winds plus bare chests equals, well, you get the picture. But, sheer isn’t just for the supermodel crowd.  We mere mortals have options if we want to show off what our mamas gave us.

Sheer panelling is the perfect detail for those who love some of their body, but hate others.  Pick a dress which exposes the parts of the body you feel lucky to have.  It’ll create instant sex appeal, but the sheer will only be doing a little of the work, the rest is down to the confidence you’ll feel in yourself.

The key item to add to your wardrobe is a collaboration between sheer and the maxi dress.  The problem with the maxi dress is that it can be all consuming of your figure unless you’re careful.  The sheer maxi dress still has the impressive outer silhouette, but a second shaping to the body underneath.

So let’s tackle what is obviously the most important issue of see-through clothing.  Underwear becomes a part of your outfit like never before with sheer.  Though undoubtedly you wear your best stuff when you’re dressed to impress (you never know who might be seeing them later), you now have to match it with what’s on over it.

As a rule, I wouldn’t suggest anything too raunchy; after all, you don’t want to run the risk of looking like a stripper.  Where a black lace bra may work under a little black dress with sheer chest detail, it won’t be the same under a floaty, nude top.

Religion Sheer Maxi Dress £32 from
Religion Sheer Maxi Dress £32 from

Sometimes more is more.  A white spaghetti strap vest under a complete sheer top may be less edgy and dynamic, but it allows you to take advantage of the double silhouette this trend affords without looking trashy.

Sheer is also on the style horizon for the boys this spring/summer. Topman, amongst other high-street stores, has started to sell a range of sheer clothing for guys.  Though surely to be adored by Situation boys (Jersey Shore anyone?), the sort who like to get their abs out on the Sugarhouse dancefloor and the material is also perfect for summer layering.  It’s lightweight, so it  becomes ideal for the months when it becomes warmer and also gives some visibly different texture to your outfit.


Love summer- Sheer is a versatile piece that encompasses all other 2011 trends.  Wear bright, bold colours while you can, remember summer only lasts a few weeks in this country.

More is more- Use sheer sparingly.  It should be suggestive, rather than an excuse to show the world your skimpy undies and perfectly toned body.

Accessorise underwear– Try different shapes of underwear than you would usually wear, it all adds to the second layering of silhouette.

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