Put a spring in your step this March


If, like me, you live your life in anticipation of holidays worthy of calendar space, March looks like a goldmine.  It’s not just the month in between Valentine’s Day and Easter, it’s the proud owner of St. David’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Shrove Tuesday and Red Nose Day amongst others.  The problem with these special days is that they just seem to pass us by with little fuss.  Sure, we could go to Dublin for Patrick, but who’s got the money? We can buy a bottle of pancake mix, but that’s only entertainment for half an hour.  In reality, March is a bit of a non-entity, but Lancaster facilitates a dull month with a stellar line-up of events.  So put a spring in your step this March, and try something new that this little city has to offer.

On the 3rd, 4th and 5th of March, Lancaster’s annual beer fest rolls into town.  What you might expect as hundreds of drunken students or old men talking about oaky toned ales is actually a diverse and energetic crowd.  Set in Lancaster’s beautiful town hall and accompanied by live music throughout the night, it’s an event not to be missed.  All the hand pulled beers may not be to your taste, but that’s part of the fun.  How about trying the misogynistic beer named Old Slapper? Or what about trying to wrap your mouth around a Cunning Stunt after a few pints?  The bottled fruit beers are definitely worth a try too.  Tickets are usually £5, which includes a commemorative Lancaster beer fest pint glass and £5 worth of beer tokens. The event, organised by the Lancaster Round Table, raises money for charities in the local district.  Good karma and beer, what more could you want.

The Dukes is an under rated gem of an establishment in Lancaster, the sort of place that makes you feel that you don’t live in a cultural wasteland after all.  They always have a killer reel of events on the go and March is no different.  There’s something for everyone, but why not go outside your comfort zone. If you’re after a giggle, The Dukes is always on hand with some of the country’s brightest new comics.  On the 16th of March it welcomes a stand-up show from Milton Jones, aka the guy who wears the weird shirts on Mock the Week and comes up with some bizarre one liners.

If you’re more a song and dance kind of guy or gal, The Dukes is also opening its doors to a production of Little Voice.  This show has had a successful run on the west end featuring ex X Factor starlet Diana Vickers.  It’s set in the north west of England so you’re sure to be getting the authentic experience seeing it in Lancaster.

Don’t let another month pass by without doing something out of the ordinary and let March be that perfect start to spring you into spontaneity.

For more details visit www.lancasterbeerfest.org and www.dukes-lancaster.org.

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