Misogyny debate still blowing

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Dear Marsha Dowie and SCAN,

Thank you for your reply to my SCAN comment piece criticising Ed McConnell’s misogynistic comment piece on why feminists are bigots and women who “flaunt their wares” (as you put it) get what they deserve. It was intended to be controversial and to provoke thought, and I see that I succeeded in at least one of those objectives.

Like you, I also found it ironic to read on the very next page from my comment piece a further article by McConnell. But, unlike you, I found this ironic because yet again McConnell was blaming women for the effects of patriarchy; it seemed a pattern was emerging: two articles from one boy, both “covertly” attacking women.

I understand that he is your friend, and therefore you wish to protect him. That is very noble of you. I also see that, even if I were able, there would be a further irony in me presuming to lecture you on ‘the proper way’ to do feminism, and this irony makes me very uncomfortable. I would much rather it had been a woman who stepped into the fray, and hope we will see as much in the very near future. With an all male FTO team in place for next year, a debate about the sexual politics on campus – and beyond campus – is more necessary than ever.

Therefore, I leave you with best wishes,

Chris Witter

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