Highlights from the first day of the NUS Conference


The NUS Conference is currently taking place in Gateshead, Newcastle. The conference takes place annually and determines the policy and direction of the NUS for the forthcoming year. It also elects the new officers that will lead the union.

Lancaster’s delegation is led by LUSU President, Robbie Pickles. Other delegates include Cartmel’s ex-President, Mark Lord, current Fylde President, Ste Smith, and LUSU Vice President (Equality, Welfare and Diversity), Pete Macmillan.

During the first day, controversial NUS President Aaron Porter opened the conference with a speech in which he apologised for his mistakes. He explained that “the student movement is much bigger than one man”. Afterwards, several motions for the direction of Further Education and Higher Education were debated and voted on.

For a report from the day, please visit Lancaster’s Storify page.

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