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It’s that awkward time of year when summer is just around the corner and you’re starting to re-arrange your entire wardrobe for this season’s fashions. Maybe you’re digging out clothes from last year in the hope that it will stay warm long enough to wear them or you’re getting ready to dig out the shorts and t-shirts to get a tan outside whilst revising, even when it’s never really hot enough. But, when it comes to being geared up for summer it’s all about the accessories to make your outfit stand out and transform your look.

Accessorize is one of the best shops for summer accessories. Head bands are a great new way to make a statement this year, with all types and colours to make your look unique. There’s also lots of chunky jewellery that’s perfect for summer; a long colourful necklace makes a top look more interesting, and brings style to your outfit, after all that’s what summer is all about.

To finish off a casual hairstyle, big chunky earrings are a great way to look casual but stylish. Without wanting to wear too much, jewellery helps you on your way to looking fashionable when you pair them with skimpy shorts and a vest top. We all know how it feels to see people in their new clothes walking around campus, but you don’t have to buy hundreds of new outfits to look good. Instead, invest in some jewellery to add a splash of colour to your outfit and transform your summer look in seconds.

A favourite for summer has always been a simple anklet. It’s the only time of the year where girls can wear sandals, and a small anklet finishes them off. You can buy these from almost anywhere around town; little market stores are brilliant and again shops like Accessorize and larger high street stores will be stocked full of them as summer comes along.  When wearing shorts and sandals there’s no reason why you can’t add a bit of sparkle to dress yourself up for the sunshine.

This year belly tops have been huge for nights out and for the brave, during the day. But, when it’s hot enough in summer you’re guaranteed an opportunity to wear them and look great. If you’re exposing your stomach a colourful or big belly bar stands out and its one of the only opportunities you could get to show it off. The market stores around town and River Island in particular are the perfect places for a good explore to find the perfect accessory for flashing the flesh.

So this summer, accessories are the way forward in transforming your look and making it much more unique. They are an easy way to bring colour to your outfit, making your casual wear interesting and perfect for summer. Big jewellery stands out and makes a statement so clothing can stay simple and you can feel comfortable. With shops like Accessorize and Monsoon on your doorstep, why not go and have a look. There’s no reason to feel like you’re not fashionable just because you aren’t wearing the latest trends. When you have the right jewellery, headband, or other accessories, that’s all people see; making you stylish and more importantly looking confident straight away.

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