Superb team performance in Lancaster’s table-tennis triumph


Each member of the Lancaster team performed admirably as the challenge from York was clinically swept aside to secure two points towards the overall Roses total. At one point Ryan Bembridge’s win had put the away side 6-1 up, before a late flurry gave the score a degree of respectability.

1st seed, Liang Weng – Weng was the best performer in both the firsts and seconds’ event, with an unblemished record of four straight 3-0 wins. The key victory for Lancaster was the whitewash of York top seed Daniel Chang, which was achieved with remarkable efficiency. Weng looked composed throughout the entire meet and seemed to be playing in slow motion whilst his opponents scurried furiously around the table.

2nd seed, Luke Blackburn – Blackburn also performed admirably bar a surprise 3-2 defeat to York’s fourth seed Mike Holmes. Like teammate Weng he claimed the scalp of Chang, in the final match to really rub salt into York wounds. He also had the honour of claiming the crucial ninth victory which guaranteed Lancaster won the overall meet. He had kind words for York afterwards when he claimed that “12-4 was a flattering score line”.

3rd seed, Joe Breen – Breen won three and lost only one game, to York’s top seed in a solid performance. His stand out match was the 3-1 win against York’s second seed Andy Bevan.

4th seed, Ryan Bembridge – Bembridge played well in his matches and came away with a pair of wins and defeats. He belied his status as fourth seed by winning against York’s third seed Andy Coupe and hammered opposite number Mike Holmes 3-0.

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