Badminton Men’s 2nds lose against York


Lancaster were unable to take the lead, losing 7-2.

Lancaster showed excellent play throughout all nine matches with each pair showing determination and drive to secure Lancaster with some more points. Despite this, York were equally as strong, allowing them to win the majority of the matches.

The first pair to play was Mark Eden and Peter Tovee, who lost their first two sets to York, losing, 21-18 and 21-12 respectively. The second pair representing Lancaster was Jonny Holland and Alex Butt, who also showed some impressive play, but struggled to secure Lancaster a point. They lost their first set 21-18, with York showing a range of varied and tactile shots that was reflected in the score. Narrowly missing a win, all was to play for in the second set, however York further secured another win and another point overall, taking the score to 2-0 to York. The final pair to play was Ashley Jones and James Lancaster who made an impressionable start with both players using varied shots and excellent communication and won their first set 21-17. They continued their success in the next set, which was a close and tense game, but saw Lancaster triumph with a score of 21-19 and securing their first point, taking the score to 2-1 to York.

In the next round of games, Lancaster were to remain strong and competitive to overcome the power of York. Eden & Tovee managed to win their second set with an impressive score of 21-12, with all to play for in the last set. Unfortunately, York proved too strong a component, ending the set on 21-13 and winning another point. Holland and Butt were unable to secure a win, with York triumphing in both sets 21-13 and 21-19 respectively, taking the overall score to 4-1. All was to play for in second match for Ashley Jones and James Lancaster who needed a crucial win in order to prevent York from winning Badminton overall and taking the two points for Roses. However, York took instant lead, wining both sets 21-12 and 21-5 respectively and securing the two points for York overall.

With just pride left to play for, Lancaster continued their excellent play and encouragement within the team. Eden and Tovee managed to secure Lancaster another point from their final game winning both their sets 21-20 ad 24-22. Jonny Holland and Alex Butt managed to win their first set of their final game, giving Lancaster hope for another point; however York dominated the last two sets, taking the score to 6-2. Ashley Jones and James Lancaster’s final game was another tense time, with York winning their first set 21-16, but Lancaster winning the second set 21-15. With the final game being the decider for the final point, York managed to victory, winning 24-22 in what was a very close and exciting game.

Lancaster showed excellent team spirit and morale throughout, but with the York supporters mounting, it really did show the benefits of being on home turf. The Captain, Ashley Jones said to SCAN, “We played well away from home. On a different day we could have took it. Everyone played well; we just had bad luck on the day”.

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