Around the world in £180: Prague


Prague is a known location for cheap student holidays. It’s nightlife can be greatly appealing with prices of drinks beginning around 26 Czech Koruna’s (which is roughly 95p) but be sure to check out it’s dazzling sites during the day to be sure to gain the best balance of all Prague has to offer.

Getting there

The key to cheap travel, as anyone knows, is flexibility in your dates. If you are aiming for even cheaper flights then travelling during a weekday will stretch those pennies. Book around 2 months in advance and you can get a return flight to Prague for £87.33. This flight departs from Manchester airport so a train ticket from Lancaster rail station to Manchester airport will be £11.30 with a 16-25 railcard. Once at Prague airport buses run frequently to the city centre.


Budget or luxury, it’s all up to you, but when you can get a hotel for £22 a night including breakfast you might like to treat yourself. This hotel is 10 minutes outside of the centre of Prague but has regular transport links to the centre and a 7/10 customer rating. A hotel in the centre begins at around £26 a night, still very cheap but you could always share a room with a friend to save a bit extra for site seeing

Getting around

Although the centre of Prague is great to walk around, with all central sites within a short distance of each other, those on the outskirts might need public transport to reach. Metro, Tram or bus, Prague has it all. Frequent stops and fast journey times is just some of the reasons why Prague’s public transport is said to be one of the best in Europe. A 24 hour public transport pass is around 100czk and can be used on all three types of travel.

What to do there

Prague is a beautiful city and well worth a wander around. A day spent treading the city and absorbing its many sites is very worthwhile.

Prague Castle is the largest coherent castle in the world with an area of 70,000 meters squared; it consists of Palaces, ecclesiastical buildings, roman style buildings and gothic modifications. The gardens are freely accessible to everyone who visits in the summer season (April 1 – October 31) and a changing of the Guard takes place once every hour. Ticket prices depend upon which parts of the Castle you wish to visit and various packages are available. If the vastness of the Castle isn’t enough for you then the view of the city from the top of the castle is awe inspiring.

After a long day sightseeing call into the Pub, prices are around 95p a pint and you can choose to sit at the bar or pull your own. The drink price is the same whichever you choose and the handy screen on the pull your own bar tells you how much you have spent and how much you have drank. The Pub can get a little busy at peak times so it might be best to go during the day or you can book in advance to ensure a space.

For an extra piece of culture take a stroll across the Charles Bridge, this iconic bridge is situated across the river Vltava and was the only means of crossing the river between the Old Town and the castle until 1841. The bridge is 516 metres long and almost 10 meters wide, it is protected by three bridge towers and lined with 30 statues erected around 1700, they have now all been replaced with replicas. One of the most important trade routes between east and west Europe the bridge still bustles with stalls and painters to this day.

Top tips

  • Pull your own. There are four pubs in town so be sure to track one down and give it a go.
  • If you look carefully for a restaurant in Prague, fine dining can be achieved on a tight budget. If in doubt, ask at your hotel/hostel reception. They’re always willing to help a traveller on a budget.
  • Lose yourself in the city centre. Be sure to have a good wander about, Prague has many beautiful sights hidden in its back streets.
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