Charity Mexican mealtime at Mint


Local cocktail and burrito bar Mint is hosting a charity event that will include a variety of burrito- eating contests.

The event will be taking place on Sunday June 26 between 1-4 pm. Lancaster and Morecambe’s radio station The Bay will be down there in the afternoon helping to promote the occasion and the cause for which it is taking place, St John’s Hospice. St John’s Hospice has received donations from other events and businesses around Lancaster, such as the Santa Dash last Christmas and its own charity shop on campus, so will be looking for a successful day down at Mint.

Two of the contests that will be held will be the “most burritos eaten in ten minutes” competition, and the “fastest time to finish a burrito”. James Short who owns Little Donkey, the burrito business inside Mint, said “scores will be kept on a chalkboard throughout the afternoon and will stay there until someone else comes along and beats the record”. Trophies will be awarded to winners of the contests. Anyone will be welcome to come along and try to win a competition. Short said that as well as the eating competitions, Mint will be “having a Jazz band and piñatas, there’ll be loads going on in the hope that we get a load of people down to help support the event.”

Elliot Smith, a third year Furness student is looking forward to the day. He feels that “Mint is a well-known place in Lancaster that offers good nights out and a good range of cocktails however this event is something different from the norm.” When asked about what he thought of the contests on offer, Smith said “they seem a hell of a lot of fun and the fact it’s for charity is even better.”

Entry into the competitions will cost £2.50, which Short said “is cheaper than the burritos they’ll be eating so it is great for everybody.” All profits from the burrito bar that day will be donated to St John’s Hospice.

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