Sports centre prices revealed


The prices for the newly erected Sports Centre have been released, revealing a very competitive pricing scheme for the new facility compared with other facilities in the North.

The cheapest membership is the bronze scheme, which will cost £100, and allows the member access to the cardio and weights facilities and the swimming pool at off peak times only. Off-peak times will be between 9am and 12pm and 2pm and 4pm, Monday to Friday. The step-up membership is the silver scheme, which allows the member access to the cardio and weights facilities, and the swimming pool at any time for £150. The gold membership costs £200 and allows the member access to all facilities at any time apart from classes, which will still incur a charge. Finally, the most expensive membership available is the platinum scheme, which for £250 allows the member access to everything, including classes, at all times. All prices will run for the whole academic year.

The new sports centre is nearing completion

Marc Handley, LUSU Vice President (Sports), when asked about the membership prices for the facility said “I think these are awesome prices for a £17m Sports Centre. They are extremely competitive rates and the service we will receive should be second to none.”

In addition, until the end of Week Two of Michaelmas Term of the new academic year, there will be a 5% discount for purple card holders who wish to purchase a gold or platinum membership. Moreover, the individual charge to use the outdoor pitches has been removed entirely.

In a comparison with other universities’ sports centre tariffs, Lancaster’s tariffs are competitive with other institutions in the North. Leeds University shares the £250 charge for the platinum membership as does Lancaster, and the off-peak option is £160 at Leeds University, £60 more expensive than Lancaster is charging, whereas Northumbria does not even have that option.

When asked when the facility is scheduled to open, Handley said “The centre is hoping to open early July, but when exactly I am not too sure. It all depends on how quickly the equipment can all be installed and the staff be properly trained up.”

Handley expressed his excitement for the opening of the new facility, saying “I for one cannot wait for this centre to open, I think it will massively enhance our sporting chances as our teams will be using the latest and best equipment inside that space, which will hopefully benefit everyone too.”

In concurrence with the opening of the new Sports Centre, The Sports Awards which recognise the talent of outstanding sports personalities at Lancaster will be held on Wednesday, Week 28.

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