Summer lovin’


Picture this; sun, cocktails, lazy days and a bit of Grease Summer Loving playing in the background. Does this sound far too cheesy or just the perfect setting for a summer romance? But even with three long months of free time to spend with that summer soul mate, is love in the summer sun really all it’s cracked up to be?

Summer romances are easy to get swept up in and can be the stuff dreams are made of. Whether it’s spending 24/7 having a great time with each other or just enjoying the idea of a new relationship, the excitement of just seeing someone without the worry of what the future may hold seems something we should all experience at some point. Meeting someone on holiday or even just when you least expect it can be amazing because it gives us the chance to just let loose and enjoy every moment. Summer romances can lead us into another world, often letting us capture the honeymoon period of the relationship without a care in the world. Let’s face it, we all want to look back on a time where our lives really did resemble a rom com.

However, although we might have a huge buzz for a summer romance, the summer is only short and if your time together is doomed to end you can end up feeling deflated all too quickly. Summer romances are often intense but shortly fizzle out. After meeting on a two week holiday and planning to keep in touch most of us will soon notice those texts don’t seem to arrive and after a bit of Facebook stalking the realisation that one of you has moved on can be disappointing. Having a summer romance can be difficult if strong feelings develop but if you go into it with the knowledge that it might only last until September the relationship can create some superb memories. It’s never fantastic when relationships end and most summer romances will do, due to time, distance, or just the realisation that it was never meant to be forever. However, if we were always worried about the bump when we crash down to earth, we would miss the out of this world experiences entirely.

It can help to balance the time between seeing that special someone and seeing your friends because it’s important to keep in touch with the people who are a permanent fixture in your life. Go on group dates so you can make the most of your summer romance and this time spending time with your friends doesn’t seem like a distant second choice.

Summer romances don’t have to be so difficult if you appreciate them for what they are. Some of those lucky few may end up with a permanent relationship that carries on after the summer ends and some of us will just have to remember the good times and those infamous summer nights. Summer romances may not be forever but it’s something that can take us out of ourselves and make the summer fly. Sadly, we can’t all be Danny and Sandy but we can certainly have a great time trying!

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