Student summer checklist

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Summer has arrived, we have officially one week left of term and then it’s time to pack up our bags, cram our life into a few holdalls and make our way home for three months of freedom. But before we all go scurrying back to the delights of home cooking, a clean bedroom and time to recuperate the pennies here is a summer checklist to ensure you are nice and prepared for that highly anticipated summer holiday.

I’m sure most of you have fallen victim to forgetting your toothbrush more than enough times when you jet off to a sunnier climate, so here is a checklist of summer necessities to see you through your holiday.

  • Passport: Sounds obvious, but I’m sure some of us have done it, don’t be stranded at the airport and pack your little important book.
  • Camera: You never know when your Kodak moment may be, so ensure to pack the camera for plenty of pictures. If you like to be snap happy abroad, then make sure you take your charger too.
  • Adapter: If you are heading further afield than this mighty fine land then make sure you take an adapter suitable for where you are heading. Girls, imagine the holiday without a hairdryer, straightners or culling iron? If Monica from Friends didn’t work the frizz look, then sadly, neither will you.
  • Traveller’s cheques/cards: You always need that bit more money than anticipated so an emergency fund is necessary. It may be for extra cocktails on the beach, a spot of souvenir shopping, or even for the hotel damage in your room after your drunken antics; emergency money is a necessity when you’re out there.
  • Sun cream & after sun: Very important to avoid the lobster look upon your return. Ensure to use plenty of after sun to keep the skin moisturized and prevent peeling.
  • Swimwear: Whilst your friends are diving into that ice cold swimming pool, you do not want to be left on the side stranded on the sun loungers, ensure to pack your swimming gear and dive on in to cool down.
  • iPod: Your trusty music shall see you through sunbathing for hours or getting ready for a night on the tiles. Even pack some speakers with you to get the party started in your room
  • Mosquito spray: No matter where you are heading you can pretty much guarantee your holiday will be infested with mosquitos. Take plenty of spray to keep them away from your lovely skin, but for the few who are still attracted to your oily legs take cream to calm the itching. More importantly though it will hide the attractive red blobs that are covering your arms and legs.

Whether you are jetting off to the other side of the world, having a European delight or staying on home turf, this checklist will sure to calm the flurry of packing. As students we have become used to gathering up our belongings and setting up camp whether at home or in halls. Despite this new skill we have acquired we usually always end up forgetting something. Just remember, your passport is your golden ticket, but for everything else there’s always your credit card.

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