LUSU unveil new Education and Support Unit


LUSU Advice’s Education and Support Centre has undergone a complete rebranding “in response to the vast changes currently being made to Higher Education,” according to the unit’s newly appointed staff members.

The changes made include the appointment of an Education and Policy Adviser, which will benefit both current and future students, using both training and research to assist the Executive Committee in policy making.

Students will also see a visible growth in the centre’s online identity, along with “a more proactive approach with campaigns regarding academic and welfare issues.”

Newly-appointed Education and Support Unit Manager Natalie Read explained that the development of the centre will allow the Union to “invest a greater amount of time into addressing student issues and enhancing the student experience.”

Such issues range from plagiarism and exam stress to debt management and sexual health, and can all be dealt with effectively through the expertise and help of a “team of three professional advisers.”

Students can also seek advice regarding University procedures and policies, and can even be accompanied by officers from the centre to any meetings or hearings with the University.

Asked about the appointment of the Education and Support Unit Manager, new LUSU Vice President (Equality, Welfare and Diversity) Matt Saint was positive. “This allows a more singular focus from a management angle on the [Education Support Unit] which will help with direction and clarity of its goals and its role for students. I think this is a positive change that will hopefully allow us to engage with, guide and support more students than before.”

Students can receive free and confidential advice within normal working hours during the week, excluding the University vacation. Appointments are also bookable via the Information Desk  between 5-7pm on week nights and between 11am and 5pm at weekends.

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