Getting the balance right


So, we’re well into our weeks back at university and many of us are finding it impossible to get back into a decent routine. Who knew it could be so difficult to fit everything into one day?

After living in our new house in Lancaster for at least a month before term starts, readjusting to actually having to get up in the mornings is proving an issue. This week I’m having to juggle a combination of the necessities; eating, drinking, sleeping and university work (yes, I’m going to count that as a necessity!) and the added bonus’ of student life; friends, boyfriend, birthdays, nights out, house inspections, family visits and the aftermaths of cooking disasters.

But the question that seems to be repeatedly circling most students’ heads at the moment is “So, how is this going to work?” Well as I’m no genius, I’m afraid I can’t offer you personalised life plans and sort out your priorities but I’ll offer some useful tips that I’m going to be following (or trying to follow) this year which will hopefully make managing all the aspects of student life a damn sight easier!

To start with, University work. I know what you’re thinking, first few weeks back and you’re already snowed under with no hope of having a social life this year, right? Wrong! Something I always forget is how much spare time I have outside of lectures, which I wasted away last year watching TV show re-runs and with general procrastination. But since this year actually counts I’m taking it upon myself to make the most of the often torturous bus journey to Uni and spending (almost) every spare hour I have on campus going to the library and get through as much work as possible. Now I know this sounds dull and pretty nerdy but the logic is that the more I get done during the day while everyone’s toing and froing from lectures and seminars, the more time I’ll have free to socialise when the working day is over!

Now that’s out the way I can move on to the more nitty gritty issue of balancing that eventful social life of a student. Already this year I’ve come across numerous clashes in my social timetable; the curse of having a variety of friendship groups! However I’ve also learnt from my experience and others it’s impossible to please everyone and if you try to you often end up disappointing more people than you please, so what’s the point in that? So obviously I can’t make these decisions for you but some words of advice, I tend to opt for a ‘first to ask’ basis but sometimes people you care more about (yes, you can like some people more than others, I won’t judge you!) will jump in last minute offering plans. This situation always pains me but to be honest friends should understand if you need to drop their offer to deal with other commitments and if they don’t just ask them what they’d do in your situation and even though they will say “I’d still go out with you!” I can pretty much guarantee they’re lying!

So hang in there everyone, we’ll get there in the end! Just remember that this is university life, there will always be other nights out or nights in but we are technically here to work so get that out the way first then you’ll have all the time in the world for everything else. Just remember to get the balance right and we’ll be fine, i hope…

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