Super-injunction saga hits Top Gear


With the help of the internet another super-injunction door has crept its way open. Well I say crept, I actually mean flew open with one very angry ex-wife attached to the handle. The poor bloke in question is of course Jeremy Clarkson, and really is anyone surprised? I may be slightly biased as I am quite a big Clarkson fan, but something about this whole super-injunction just does not seem right.

The injunction in question was to prevent Clarkson’s ex-wife, Alex Hall, from making claims that the two had had an affair after Jeremy Clarkson married his second wife Frances Cain. Clarkson claims to have taken out the injunction to protect his family and especially his mother who was ill at the time. The injunction has now been lifted as Jeremy Clarkson feels that allegations emerging on social networking sites are causing more heart ache to his family, especially his children, in the long run then lifting the injunction would.Now I don’t know about you but I can’t help but think that Clarkson’s decision actually makes him look like a quite a caring family man, even if he did have the affair he is still putting his kids first. It’s only when you pick through the details that the holes in the plot emerge.

First of all would allegations of an affair actually do Jeremy Clarkson’s reputation any harm? He is constantly portrayed as a loud and out “Jack the lad”, he leads the high life, fast cars, jet-setting it abroad, a high-paid journalism and television career, surely any flamboyant affairs of his just fall into this lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I think that any form of cheating on your partner is wrong in every way, but you can’t tell me that millions of people would stop watching Top Gear just because Clarkson had an affair.

Anyone who may have seen Miss Hall’s interview on Adrian Chiles’ Sunday Night Show can see that her story is faulted at best. She claimed to be the heartbroken ex-wife, but she actually left Clarkson for one of his mates. Yep, sounds like she definitely loved him. Secondly, she has sold her story to Max Clifford! Hello, anyone who sells there story to Max Clifford is obviously out for the cash. She also has a book soon to be hitting a bookshop near you, I’m sure she’s not making money from that. When questioned by Vic Reeves, Alex Hall struggled to think of anything interesting she had done in her life other than this alleged affair with Jeremy Clarkson, after an embarrassing few seconds of “ums”and “ers” the best she could come out with is “you will have to buy the book.”

Clarkson alleged that Miss Hall had tried to blackmail him requesting £300,000 for her silence; Alex Hall furiously denies these claims. Call me a cynic but, I’m struggling to believe all these claims. Miss Hall met Clarkson when he had nothing, now he is earning millions of pounds and is one of the most controversial and well known TV figures and she suddenly loves him and wants to share her story with the world for a nice wad of cash. To me this does not say heartbroken ex-wife, it screams of greed. But at the end of the day it is money that makes the world go around and with the wonderful thing we call free speech Miss Hall is perfectly free to flog every word she can string together.

There are only two people who will ever know whether or not this affair happened and I doubt either of them will ever agree. One thing is for sure, I won’t be buying her book. At the end of the day Clarkson summed up the situation all by himself,; “all I’m saying is she is now free to tell her story and people can go ‘I believe that, I absolutely believe that’ or they can say ‘what a load of rubbish’ but people can decide not the courts.”

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