Long gone are the days of the basketball court

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Lucas Scott aka Chad Michael Murray-

There isn’t a girl in the world that hasn’t at some stage fallen for the puppy dog charms of Mr. Murray. Most famously known for his One Tree Hill role as teen heart-throb Lucas Scott, his subsequent acting roles obviously had rather a lot to live up to. After a couple of film flops (need I even mention 2005’s ‘House of Wax’?!) and small time appearances, we now have much to look forward to from this Hollywood Hottie. Look out for him in this year’s soon-to-be-released ‘The Haunting in Georgia’ and next year’s ‘Renee’. And who knew that Murray actually writes in real life?! For all you graphic novel fans, keep an eye out for his upcoming Everlast novel. Personally I’ll stick to his films, so I can stare at his face. Oooft. Currently Chad is engaged to ex-cheerleader OTH extra Kenzie Dalton. Damn he likes his cheerleaders!

Brooke Davis aka Sophia Bush-

I’m sure Miss. Queen Cheerleader got a few hearts racing in her time too! OTH has remained the success story of her acting career, but you will have seen her pop up in girlie chick flick ‘John Tucker Must Die’ of 2006. Got a little piece of trivia which may interest you! Next time you are watching the frustrating love triangle that is Brooke, Lucas and Peyton, bear this small fact in mind-Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush dated off-screen and eventually married…a marriage which only lasted five months…but hey…marriage to Chad Michael Murray for only an hour must be heaven, so well done Sophia Bush! Last year she confessed to dating OTH co-star ‘Julian’ (actor Austin Nichols). I’m starting to not be surprised at all by all this intermingled OTH dating.

Peyton Sawyer aka Hilarie Burton-

Peyton, Peyton, Peyton. People don’t always leave. We’ll always be your number one OTH fans! This gorgeous girlie made us all jealous in her OTH days. Firstly she pulled naughty but delicious Nathan Scott (Scott brother number one) before moving on to Scott brother number two, Lucas. Wow. Lucky girl. You may have seen her in the 2008 movie ‘The List’ (don’t worry, I haven’t either), but her social life is much busier than her acting career. She still keeps in close contact with Sophia Bush, Chad Michael Murray, James Lafferty, and Bethany Joy Galeotti (aka Haley James Scott), and after a failed marriage to OTH assistant director Ian Prange, is now happily married to actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, father of their son Gus, born in March 2010. Cute! Let’s hope they never leave or she’ll start those angry drawings again…

Nathan Scott aka James Lafferty-

Believe it or not, Mr. Jump Shot originally auditioned for the part of Lucas Scott! Apart from his 2009 starring in ‘S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale’ sequel, his acting career has taken a back seat. Let’s be honest, with basketball talents like his, he can afford to take time out from the big screen. Sophia Bush and himself have been romantically linked (greedy girl!), but she is well out of the picture now, giving the rest of us girls a chance with him. Watch out for him in this year’s ‘The Legend of Hell’s Gate: An American Conspiracy’!

Haley James Scott aka Bethany Joy Galeotti-

It isn’t surprising that the loveable Haley derives from a background of musical theatre with a voice like hers. She has directed multiple episodes of OTH, composed various OTH soundtracks, and refreshingly has never been romantically involved to any of her OTH co-stars! She is both a solo artist and singer in the band ‘Everly’, and is married with a baby daughter born this year. Bet her husband isn’t as hot as James Lafferty!

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